Irish forests

A project by 4th and 5th class
 Silviculture is the growing of trees
 The Irish State Forestry department is called Coillte
 The word “coillte” means woodlands
 70% of all Irish forests are owned by coilte.
 Leitrim is suitable for the growing of trees due to its
damp soil conditions.
Coniferous trees
 They are evergreen trees
 The leaves fall off when old but grow back straight
 The Sitka Spruce is the most common coniferous tree
in Leitrim.
 Examples of coniferous trees are the Noble Fir, the
Douglas Fir, the Lodgepole Pine and the Scots Pine.
Sitka Spruce
Sitka spruce
 The Sitka Spruce is a coniferous tree
 Their timber is used for fences, roofing, floors and tools
 Sitka spruce is used for firewood and woodpellets for
 Saw dust from the sitka spruce is used for the bedding of
 The Sitka Spruce is the most common tree planted by state
forestry, Coillte.
 The violin is made of spruce.
Deciduous Trees
 They are usually broad leaf trees.
 Their leaves fall off in autumn.
 They can live to be a hundred years old.
 It’s a hard wood and its more expensive than soft wood
 Most of them are native to Ireland like oak,ash and
 Some non-native broadleaf trees are beech and
 Birch trees may grow in pairs or clusters
 They grow in peaty soils
 Birch nutlets are small and grown in a cone
 The Silver Birch is a common tree in Ireland.
 Other types of birch are the yellow birch, river birch,
sweet birch and gray birch
Ash tree
Ash trees
 Ash is a hard wood tree
 Ash wood is hard strong and is used in the making of
a shovel ,hoe and rake handles.
 In Ireland ash is used in the making of hurleys
 Hurling game is better known as the’’clash of the ash’
 The tallest ash tree is an Ash near Clonmel. It is forty
metres tall
Most Irish forests have a 40 year cycle.
A forester protects forest against insects disease
and fire.
The foresters preserve wildlife and supervise
grazing, he helps to guard the forest.
He or she helps supervise at camping sites and
picnic areas.
Our local forest is Derrycarne
Our local foresters are Andy Duffy and John Harte.
 The oak is a broadleaf tree.
 The oak timber produced is hard wood.
 The oak is a native tree to Ireland.
 The vikings used oak wood to build their ships.
 There are 600 different species of oak.
 Oak trees can live for 800 years.
Habitats in the forest
Habitats of the forest
 There are four habitats in the forest.
 1. The canopy is the tops of the trees.
 2. The shrub layer has small trees and shrubs.
 3. The ground layer with flowering plants and animals.
 4. Leaf litter with dead leaves and animals such as
earthworms and hedgehogs.
Fencing and wood uses
 Wood is used for fencing on farms and motorways
 These fences are for keeping cattle of the motorway
 Fences are made from oak,dougles fir,larch and pine.
 Wood is used for poles to carry e.s.b ,telephone wires.
 Fences and gates are made in different types of way
Firewood and energy(products)
 Wood is a renewable source of energy because it can
grow quickly
 Timber produces 30% more heat than fossils fuels
(coal gas oil peat)
 Certain timbers may be used to make timber products
like tables chairs and sleigh beds instruments and
We hope you enjoyed our project!