Spider-Man Earth Hour Activity

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With great POWER comes great
Earth Hour is the global movement organized by WWF (World Wide Fund for
Nature), which was created to get as many people as possible to turn off their lights
for one hour to raise awareness and show their commitment to saving the planet.
Earth hour was started in Australia in 2007 and has grown to involve hundreds of
millions of people from all walks of life across 7000 cities and towns
and 154 countries and territories.
Change is already underway - and it's all because of you.
Within each one of us is the power to achieve greatness. No action is
too big or too small. Join the mission to protect our planet.
Spider-Man might wear red and blue
but he’s a total greenie!
Spider-Man is the first Super
Hero ambassador for Earth
Hour, with a message to inspire
individuals to use their power to
become Super Heroes for the
When filming The Amazing
Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro,
the movie studio, Sony Pictures,
made significant efforts to be the
most eco-friendly film in the
history of the film studio. It’s the
first film to gain the sustainability
end credit “Sustainable Efforts
Made a Difference”- and they
really did!
How The Amazing Spider-Man 2 kept it green...
Through green-thinking, Sony Pictures saved
755 tons of materials from the landfill enough to make 3.5 Statues of Liberty.
All leftover food was donated to those in
need, adding up to 5,620 meals.
49 tons of construction and set
decoration materials were sold or
donated after filming finished – the
same weight as about 6 elephants!
One of the scenes is shot at East River Park
which had been devastated by Hurricane
Sandy back in 2012.
During filming Sony Pictures fixed benches
and planted trees.
After finishing, the studio planted
an additional 50 trees in the park, leaving it
a better place for the community.
By having all the cast and crew on
set use reusable bottles, 193,000
plastic water bottles were avoided!
Each department worked with an eco
manager on the film set to help them
towards the lowest environmental
impact possible.
Peter Parker and Gwen Stacy
hold reusable mugs during
scenes in the film.
Australia’s Great Barrier Reef
This year Earth Hour will focus attention on one of the world’s most iconic and threatened
places: the Great Barrier Reef.
The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s natural wonders and can even be seen from
outer space. It’s the world's biggest single structure made by living organisms but this
precious ecosystem, which is already under pressure from multiple threats, faces serious
damage due to the effects of climate change.
Most Australians don’t know that climate change could wipe out our Reef, but we have the
chance to tell a story powerful enough to help save it.
On Saturday 29th March at 4:30pm on Channel 10, a special Earth Hour television event
with will air to reveal the true story of what’s happening to the Great Barrier Reef due to
climate change and more.
Andrew Garfield
Andrew Garfield plays Peter Parker/ Spider-Man. Peter
Parker is bitten on the back of his hand by a spider
when visiting Oscorp, a company which specializes in
cross-species genetics. He develops spider powers
and thus becomes Spider-Man, using his powers to
hunt down criminals and keep his city safe.
To prepare for his role, Andrew studied the movements
of athletes and spiders and tried to incorporate them
into his acting. He trained for four months before filming
started as his role included many challenging stunts
and practiced yoga and pilates to make sure he was as
flexible as possible.
“I’m proud that Spider-Man is the first
superhero ambassador for Earth Hour.”
“Earth Hour is a movement that has
created massive impact around the
world. Imagine what we could do this
year with Spider-Man by our side.”
”Join me and be a superhero”
Emma Stone
Emma Stone plays Gwen Stacey, SpiderMan’s first love. Gwen is both smart and
charismatic and is the chief intern at Oscorp.
Emma was homeschooled from age 12
onwards and convinced her mother to move
to Hollywood with her when she was 15. She
turned down other roles so that she could
play Gwen.
“Earth Hour is special because it is
a movement where you can take
Charge. Earth Hour gives you the
power to inspire anyone even if it’s
just one person.”
Jamie Foxx
Jamie Foxx plays Max Dillon who later
becomes Electro. He is a ‘nobody’ who
idolizes Spider-Man and just like SpiderMan, he gets his powers accidentally–
after being struck by lightning the
electricity takes over his body and he
becomes Electro. He is capable of
creating and controlling massive
amounts of electricity.
“Earth Hour isn’t just about lights off.
It’s about people across the world
coming together throughout the year to
join forces to improve the planet.”
“Never underestimate your power.
Never underestimate what you can do.”
How you can get involved in EARTH HOUR
just like Spider-Man!
At 4:30pm on Saturday the 29th March, tune in to Channel 10 to watch the special Earth Hour
Later that night at 8.30pm, it’s time to turn out the lights. You can even host your very own
Earth Hour gathering. It’s easy – you could organise a school-wide event or just a night at home
with family and friends to show your support for the Reef.
Make sure you register your event with Earth Hour to let us know how you’ll be celebrating.
Even if you’re not hosting your own event, you can still attend a public gathering.
To register an event or to find one to attend, go to earthhour.org.au/gatherings
To download free curriculum resources for classes, go to earthhour.org.au/schools
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Earth Hour
The Amazing Spider-Man 2: Rise of Electro will be in cinema across Australia from April 17th
What did you learn from this article?
If you were Spider-Man, what would you do to help the
What superhero like thing can you do as a human to help
the environment?
What does “with great power comes great responsibility”
mean to you?
Why is it important to you to save the planet from climate
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