About StabCad

StabCad Introduction
StabCad has a ship stability package providing an
interface to model the hull, simulate various (intact
and damaged) conditions of floatation on it.
1. *Hydrostatic Curves
2. *Cross Curves of Stability and Curve of Static
3. Floodable length, permissible length & Factor of
4. Many more
Learn how to use StabCad
1. Read help Manual
2. Practicing
3. Examples
4. Input file ( key to the HW)
5. Design Courses and Future Work
Input File
Stability options
Define the joint coordinates
Define the vessel drafts
For the cross curves of stability
For the intact stability
Hull definition by offset method
Particulars of the hull
Station definition
The end of hull definitions
•For an example in using the offset method
in StabCad refer to the example file “STABEX2”.