Leviathan - ISR - International Submarine Races

Seacoast International
Submarine Team
Langdon Tarbell, Ryan Forbes, Matt
Crist, Tyler Dutile, Sean LaMontagne,
Mike Cargill
The hull is made of many layers of fiberglass
with a foam core.
Construction of the hull
The hull was constructed using
plywood ribs spaced 6 inches apart to
create the general shape of the sub.
 We chose the foam core construction
method because would help create a
strong righting point as well as a more
robust frame.
Safety and Life Support
• Safety
 The safety buoy is a
positively buoyant cutout
of the hull. It has been
attached to a spool of cord
that will act as a dead-man
 The positively buoyant
hatch will open when the
hatch release is pulled.
• Life Support
 Spare Air
• Power unit
 Consists of a bicycle drive
system mounted upside down
and a right angle gear. This
unit is mounted to an
aluminum plate that is
fiberglassed to the hull .
• CW-CW Right Angle Gear
 Transfers the motion from the
bicycle to the shaft.
• Shaft
 A universal Joint attached to a
steel pipe supported by a
Teflon bearing with dual
propellers attached to the
end of the shaft.
Propulsion (Cont.)
Dual Propeller
• Impeller
 The impeller is used to
increase the amount of
water that is pushed over
the blades of the propeller.
• Propeller
 We took the idea of a basic
2 bladed boat propeller
and modified it to suit our
 IE- power, input, RPM,
Controls and Control Surfaces
• Dive Plans
 The dive planes are controlled
by the movement of a curved
piece of steel bolted to the
shaft that extends from the
• Rudders
 The rudders are controlled by
a cable with one end attached
to a rudder ring on one end
and an actuator.
• Stern Planes
 They are fixed to counteract
the rotational torque from
the propeller.