The Settlement House Movement

Professor Elisabeth Lasch-Quinn
Monday December 19, 2011
Married John Huey Addams in
1844 in Pennsylvania
Moved to Illinois
Gave birth to 8 children (4
survived to adulthood)
Jane was the youngest
Sarah died during her ninth
pregnancy in 1862
Married Sarah Weber in 1844
Successful businessman (mill
owner, railroad executive, bank
Helped found Illinois Republican
Illinois State Senator, 1854-1870
Known for his integrity
Friend & supporter of Abraham
Married Anna Haldeman in 1868
Died of appendicitis in 1881
Left Jane $50,000 (over $1 million
Graduated from Rockford
Female Seminary in 1881
After her father’s death, she
attended the Women’s
Medical College in
Dropped out for health
Was baptized a Christian in
Travelled to Europe in the
First settlement house in
the U.S., founded in 1889
Built by John Hull at 800
South Halsted Street
Jane Addams paid for
much of the capital
expenses and operating
Many wealthy women
became longtime donors
Became a 13 building
complex with playground
and summer camp
“Aid in the solutions of life in a great city, to help our
neighbors build responsible, self-sufficient lives for
themselves and their families.”
“To provide a center for a higher civic and social life; to
institute and maintain educational and philanthropic
enterprises, and to investigate and improve the
conditions in the industrial districts of Chicago.”
 Teach by example
 Practice cooperation
 Practice social democracy
 night school for
 kindergarten classes
 clubs for older
 a public kitchen
 an art gallery
 a coffeehouse
a gym
a girls' club
a bathhouse
a book bindery
a music school
a drama group
a library
Hull House became a world center for social
reform activity
Became involved in city-wide and state-wide
campaigns for:
 better housing
 improvements in public welfare
 stricter child-labor laws
 protection of working women
Addams helped found the Progressive Party
Backed Theodore Roosevelt for President in 1912
Addams was criticized for her pacifist views
In 1915 was elected president of the Women’s
International League of Freedom and Peace
Spoke and wrote on behalf of the League of
Was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1931, the
first U.S. woman to be honored
influenced legislation on child labor laws, occupational safety and health
provisions, compulsory education, immigrant rights, and pension laws
Chicago’s first public playground, bathhouse, and public gymnasium
investigated housing, working, and sanitation issues
the first juvenile court in the United States
influence on urban planning and the transition to a branch library system
champion of national child labor laws, women’s suffrage, children’s bureau,
unemployment compensation, workers' compensation, and other reforms
Charter member of the NAACP, early founder/supporter of the ACLU
Pacifist movement and support of League of Nations
Over 5,000 settlement houses nationally by 1920
Hull House was moved in 1963 to make way for the Chicago
campus of the University of Illinois
The Hull House Museum was relocated on campus
Designated a U.S. Historic landmark in 1965
Photograph by Wallace Kirkland