Barangay Risk Reduction Management Plan 2013-2016

Barangay Risk Reduction
Management Plan
Title: The Barangay Disaster
Risk Reduction and Management
Plan ( 2013-2016)
 Cover
 Barangay Number
 Zone
 City
 Message from the Punong Barangay
 Importance and Goals of the BDRRM
Barangay Profile
 History of Calamities and Disasters, Demographic Data,
 Male, Female, Total Population
 Persons with Disabilities
 Children
 Senior Citizens
 Pregnant Women
 Number of families
 Land Area and Boundaries, Waterways present in
the barangay
 Barangay Income
 IRA, RPT, other sources
 Business, schools, hospitals and other
establishments present in the barangay
 Risk/ Hazard/ Vulnerability Map
 Map (includes areas prone to disaster such as flood, fire,
earthquake risk )
 Contingency and Evacuation Plan for each
 Early Warning System per hazard
 Flood, Fire, Earthquake, Others
BDRRM Priority Projects
 Name of Projects
 Hazards/ Risk/ Vulnerabilities Involved
 Number of Beneficiaries
 Amount per project(Budgetary Requirements)
 Information Education Campaign Plan
 Procurement Plan
 Barangay Disaster Readiness Profile
 Barangay Disaster Readiness Checklist
 Directory of BDRRM members
 List of Evacuation Center
 Inventory of Equipment, supplies and materials
 Resolution Adopting the BDRRM Plan