Republic of the Philippines
Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City
No. 2008- 011
Date: October lQ 2008
SUBJECT: Custody of all financial records of the barangays and
the rendition of accounts by the barangay treasurer
WHEREAS, under Section 2(1), Article IX-D of the 1987 Constitution,
COA is mandated to keep the general accounts of the Government and, for
such period as may be provided by law, preserve the vouchers and other
supporting papers pertaining thereto;
WHEREAS, under the Generai Accounting Policies of the Accounting
System Manual for Barangay It is directed that "all financial records of the
barangays, such as copies of Registries, Summaries, Reports and supporting
documents like paid Disbursement Vouchers (DVs), Payrolls, duplicate copies
of Official Receipts (ORs) issued, Validated Deposit Slips (VDSs), General
Appropriations Ordinance (GAO), etc. shall be kept by the Barangay Record
Keeper (BRK) and shall be made available anytime to the COA Auditor for
examination/audit"; and
WHEREAS, the directive under the aforesaid General Accounting
Policies of the Accounting System Manual for Barangay Is not in line with the
mandate of this Commission to preserve the vouchers and other supporting
documents pertaining thereto.
NOW THEREFORE, it is hereby resolved that the barangay treasurer
shall 1) systematically file all copies of documents pertaining to the financial
transactions that are entrusted to him, and 2) submit to the municipal/city
accountant who shall record the financial transactions In the General Journal
thru Journal Entry Voucher (JEV) based on the certified copies of the Reports
and supporting documents submitted by the Barangay Treasurer and post
the same to the General Ledger/Subsidiary Ledger, and the municipal/city
accountant to subsequently forward to the COA Auditor concerned all the
financial records of the barangays within ten (10) days from date of rece ipt
of said documents. The accounts shall consist of the originals, or the
Auditor's copies as designated in the document distribution schedules duly
prescribed by existing regulations, of debit/credit advlces, disbursement
vouchers, payrolls, journal vouchers, request for obligation of appropriations,
report of accountability for accountable forms, trial balances, the supporting
documents of all the foregoing, and such other reports as the Commission on
Audit may require from time to time. Unless otherwise provided by law or
regulat ions, the originals of the required supporting documents pertaining to
each transaction shall be submitted.