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What are the different problems have you identified upon reading the community situationer on Brgy.
Upon reading the community situationer on Brgy. Bayalse, I’ve noticed that their place is a victim of climate change.
These climate changes brought unpredictable weather conditions in the barangay like excessive heat and rain fall. These
unpredictable weather conditions brought calamities like flood, landslide, drought, disruption of livelihood activities like
farming and fishing. Furthermore, this also brought phycological effects to the residents in the area such that they
experience fear/anxiety during a bad weather news, helplessness, and confused on what to do in their lives.
What steps can you propose in response to the concerns you have enumerated?
First and foremost, prevention is better than cure. The local community officers of the barangay must engage the
residents proper disaster and readiness trainings to prepare the residents physically and mentally during sudden bad
weather. This trainings can help reduce the casualties, and risks of danger. In addition to that, they should enrich the
residents about the things they must prepare during calamities such as stock of food, first aid kit, and emergency exits.
They must also do something about their place, like checking if the water canals is cleaned, if there are some area that
people must stay away
Create a barangay work plan or a project proposal that could help alleviate the concern of the community
As the Barangay Bayalse is facing problem with regards to the effects of climate change, engaging the citizens with
proper training to lessen the casualties.
The first thing that they must focus is on how will the citizens responds and prepare for a sudden calamity:
1. They must conduct seminar about what they should do before, during, and after of a sudden calamity.
2. They must conduct seminars that will help to strengthen the mental fortitude of the citizens about the calamities
that they experience.
3. They must do a well-organized evacuation plans so that it will be easier for them to go to a safer place during
4. They must do dry runs of what to do in certain scenarios like during a landslide, flood, etc.
After enriching the citizens about preparedness for a calamity, the local community must also do something that help
their environment:
1. Planting trees
2. Clean ups
3. Proper waste disposals