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The Question

The questions introduce here are for the data gathering that is part of our citizenship and
governance requirement. We specifically chose the basic literacy program because it is necessary
for the youth to have knowledge and information with regards to reading and writing. Still, there
are large numbers of those age groups that are not given a proper education. Thru this interview,
we become aware and mindful that a barangay can have programs and solutions for this problem.
1. Please introduce yourself to us? State your name, position, the year of your service.
2. As a Barangay Kagawad for education and cultural affairs, can you share with us the condition
of barangay in the year 2016 – 2020 specifically the program for Basic literacy or Alternative
learning system?
- Will start in 2016, what are the problems or challenges related to Basic literacy (How serious the
problem of basic literacy on your barangay?), and as the Barangay Kagawad, what solutions or
programs did you implement? (You can also add data, statistics).
- Also, how can you exercise the good governance for those said problems? Did you ensure
transparency (for example posting the programs in the government website), accountability,
response, consensus oriented, participatory, inclusive, and following of the Rule of Law (Is it base
on a republic act or any law), efficient.
- Next for 2017, (same question)
- For 2018, (same question)
- For 2019, (same question)
- For 2020, (same question)
3. Is it important for the members of the barangay to also help with those problems? What must be
the action and contribution of the members of the barangay?