Famous landmarks in the southeast

 The
Grand Ole Opry began in 1925 in the
WSM radio studios in downtown Nashville.
 It is the oldest continual radio program in the
united states
 Graceland, Elvis Presley’s
beloved home is
in Memphis, Tennessee
Tennessee is known
as the volunteer state!
 New
Orleans’s annual Mardi Gras celebration
is a colorful carnival filled with music, food,
and costumes.
 New Orlean’s is the birthplace of jazz music.
 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyLjbMB
This state is known as the mountain state. The whole state
lies within the Appalachian Mountains.
The Appalachian Mountain Range is an ancient band of
mountains that stretches in a southwestern arc from the
Canadian province of Newfoundland to central Alabama,
the heart of southeastern United States.
The highest peak in the Appalachians is Mount Mitchell
(North Carolina) which lies at an elevation of 6,684 feet
(2,037meters) above sea level
The Mississippi River is bordered by ten states (north to south):
Minnesota, Wisconsin, Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Kentucky,
Tennessee, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Louisiana
It is the largest river system in North America. It is about 2,320
miles long. It starts in Lake Itasca, Minnesota and it flows
southward ending in the Gulf of Mexico.
The Chattahoochee river provides drinking water and power in north
Georgia. It is also a major source of recreation
where people can go fishing,
tubing, canoeing, boating and camping.
Stone Mountain is known as the
pink granite dome due to it’s composition.
It is 825 ft. tall and covers 583 acres.
Confederate President Jefferson Davis,
General Robert E. Lee and Lt. General
Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson are three
Confederate leaders from the Civil War
that are carved on the wall of
this mountain.