Berlin, February 11th, 2014 Four Dutch organisations join forces in

Berlin, February 11 , 2014
Four Dutch organisations join forces in Industrial Supply Pavilion
The Dutch Subcontracting Industry will be well represented at the Hannover Messe (Industrial
Supply Trade Fair) organised from 7 till 11 April 2014 in Hannover, Germany. The 2014
Hannover Messe edition is special because Holland is this year’s Partner Country. Also this
year NEVAT will attend with a collective for the 35 time. For this occasion NEVAT will
cooperate with Brainport Industries, Koninklijke Metaalunie and Mikrocentrum with a collective
orange “Industrial Supply Pavilion”.
The cooperation between these four organisation in the new “Industrial Supply Pavilion” is
unique and is received with great enthusiasm by their members.
Because of the joined forces the Dutch Supply Industry has a prominent place in the middle of the
always popular hall 4, where the “Industrial Supply” trade fair will take place. This large-scaled and
very recognizable “Industrial Supply Pavilion” consists of over 1250 square meters and accommodate
72 participants. We will turn hall 4 orange!
The four organisations will work together to establish an ambitious and substantive program around
this exhibition. For example: seminars, press meetings, award ceremonies, network meetings and
welcoming foreign branch associations. Always aiming for organising new business for participating
For more information please contact:
NEVAT: Claudia Willems, tel. +31 (0)683 526 796
Brainport Industries: John Blankendaal, +31 (0)652 632 936
Koninklijke Metaalunie: Richard Schuitema, +31 (0)30 605 33 44
Mikrocentrum: Geert Hellings, +31 (0)624 893 400
On the next page you will find a summary of participants to the Industrial Supply Pavilion in hall 4 (as
of February 5 , 2014)
NEVAT: Network of Ambitious Suppliers
NEVAT is a branch association with 210 affiliated top suppliers (total turnover 2,7 billion euro) working
for the high-tech, semicon, medical, automotive, agricultural and food industry. The members operate
in different groups: System Developers, System Suppliers, Electronic Manufacturing Services (EMS),
Sheet Metal, Precision Parts Suppliers and suppliers of Heavy Machining.
NEVAT is a vibrant association who organizes a lot of activities for their members regarding three
main themes:
1. Generating new business, national as well as international
2. Improving benchmarking and helping with strategic decisions
3. Providing advocacy input to the government for the benefit of industry policy.
The profiles of our member companies are clearly described in the international web portal at
Koninklijke Metaalunie
Koninklijke Metaalunie is the Royal Dutch Association for small and medium-sized enterprises (SME’s)
in the metal industry. More than 13.000 entrepreneurs are member of Koninklijke Metaalunie and all
member companies together provide jobs for some 150.000 people. The total turnover of these
companies reaches over 22 billion euro. Koninklijke Metaalunie focuses on small and medium-sized
entrepreneurs in all sectors of the metal industry. Nearly all these sectors are in the metalworking
industry. Companies affiliated to Koninklijke Metaalunie are for example those engaged in the machine
and equipment construction industry, metalworking, measurement and control engineering,
electronics, engineering, welding and construction work, tools, casting, yacht and ship building,
machining, sheet-metal working, agricultural mechanisation, steel construction, repair and
maintenance, as well as sales and service. More information:
training • events • business
As an independent knowledge institution Mikrocentrum wants to contribute to the improvement of
technical processes and business processes of companies which are active as OEM or supplier in
technical manufacturing and/or the process industry.
Mikrocentrum realises this by organising events in which a combination of knowledge transfer and
knowledge networking is the focal point.
Our most important activities are:
- the High Tech Platform: 550 participating companies
- trade fairs: 10 per year such as the Precision Fair
- lecture days: 30 per year
- trainings: 150 course titles ranging from intermediate to academic levels
Brainport Industries
Your high tech open supply chain
Brainport Industries is a cooperative of 85 tier-one, tier-two and tier-three suppliers in the high-tech
supply chain (total turnover 2,0 billion euro with 9.000 fte) and active in more than 20 countries.
Brainport Industries provides a fertile ground and a solid structure for collaborative projects whether
they are related to technology, markets or people. It's an environment that provides a continuing flow
of knowledge workers and experts and enables suppliers to increase their output and steadily grow
into market leaders. Brainport Industries is THE high-tech supply chain of choice for OEMs competing
on the international market for high-mix, low-volume, high-complexity (HMLVHC) machines that want
their concepts worked out into machines or sub modules.
The profiles of the participating companies can be found with the ‘supplier finder’ at
Summary of participants to the Industrial Supply Pavilion in hall 4 (as of February 5 , 2014)
The companies that have signed up to travel together to Hannover with NEVAT, Brainport Industries,
Metaalunie en Mikrocentrum are
Braakhuis Borne Group
Brinks Metaalbewerking b.v.
Contour B.V.
De Rooy Slijpcentrum B.V.
Frerotech B.V.
Van Halteren Metaal BV
Machinefabriek Amersfoort B.V.
Machinefabriek Boessenkool B.V.
Machinefabriek G. van der Ploeg B.V.
Metaalperswerk Bons & Evers B.V.
Metaalperswerk Van de Wetering B.V.
MFE Machining & Construction B.V.
Nijdra Group
Scherpenzeel B.V.
Staalbouw Boom
United Springs b.v.
VDL Groep bv
WBM Staalservice Centrum B.V.
Alligator Plastics
Geton Roestvrijstaal
New Cosmos - BIE gas detection
Ruco Industries
RVS Non Ferro
Salomon's Metalen
Brainport Industries
Ceratec Technical Ceramics B.V.
FMI Medisch B.V.
Holland Innovative
Hoogerdijk B.V. Technisch Rubber
KMWE Precision Systems & Precision Components
Lenze B.V.
Neways Technologies BV
NTS Combimetaal
Pezy Group
Philips Ceramics Uden
Phoenix 3D Metaal B.V.
Sioux Group B.V.
Smits Machinefabriek BV
Total Support
VanBerlo B.V.
Veco B.V.
Metaal Unie
2E Cable Assembly B.V.
Gieterij Neede B.V.
Jewe Inexor BV
Lucassen groep
MME Technology B.V
Montair Process Technology
Schut Precision Parts BV
Straaltechniek International BV
Surface Treatment
Van Hoof Groep
Van Knippenberg Metaalindustrie B.V.
Veenstra Glazenborg bv
West End bv