SAILING TO KOLLAM - World Cashew Convention

Cashew tradeuniform customs and practices
Federation of Indian Cashew Industry
– An introduction
• National organisation of cashew processors,
exporters and allied industries in India
• Sponsored by 12 regional associations across all 8
processing states of India
• One year old organisation- registered under
Indian Companies Act.
• Strength of 12 associations, 200 manufacturers
and over 100 associate concerns all across the
• The true voice of the Indian Cashew industry
• Broad objective of working for the betterment
of cashew industry and trade worldwide in
general and that of India in particular..
• With the motto of bringing the global cashew
trade and industry to work in co ordination for
mutual benefit and betterment.
• Kernel trade is more organised compared to
RCN trade and hence the emphasis is more on
uniform customs and practices of RCN trade.
Over the last 6 months…….
• Introducing specifications and standards for Raw
cashew nuts
• Introducing a standard and uniform contract for
raw cashew trade.
• Introducing arbitration clause in RCN cashew
– tie up with Indian Council of Arbitration
• Introducing standard procedure for RCN sampling
and quality analysing
C0-ordination with other Agencies
• Coordination with other agencies worldwide
for implementation of uniform customs and
practices in cashew trade.
• Effective co ordination with stake holders in
global cashew trade and industry
• Work out a Mechanism for price fixation in co
ordination with stake holders in international
trade and industry.
• Suggestions welcome from
interested agencies and
• Mail suggestions to
• Visit
Put hands together
and work in coordination
for mutual benefit
Betterment of global
cashew Industry and trade