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A) Welcome to ocean groups :
We are in the field of Importing & Processing finest quality of "Naturally Nuts" sourced from best quality
Raw Nuts available World Wide , Importer of all type of metals scrap , aluminum ingots , Shots , and
notch bar Mfg & supplier , exporter of various commodities of ago and food , mango and mango
We have been providing the best quality products and services to our clients in order to fulfill their
requirements of fresh Products.
The company Ocean Groups, has a Strategically located registered office in Ahmadabad, the
processing unit & warehouse is situated at Ahmadabad and surat , Gujarat, India, other mfg units
in saurastra also.
B) About us:
Our main motto is to concern prosperity through green industrial revolution. fair dealings &
straight forward approach. Integrity & honesty.
Ocean Groups is a company devoted to developing human potential. Our motto is: Together, we
believe that the best in each of us enriches all of us."
Below firms going work under ocean groups:
Ocean agro:
Ocean agro was established on 2013. We ocean agro are prominent Manufacture, Exporter,
Wholesaler, trader, and supplier of raw cashew, cashew processing plant, cashew kernel, dryfruits.
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Ocean Metal :
Importer of all type of metals scrap , aluminum ingots , Shots , and notch bar Mfg & supplier.
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C) Why us
Our motto is: Together, we believe that the best in each of us enriches all of us."
For younger who develop own business
For farmer who can get good price and who believes in their future.
For environment protection
Our main vision is To be a world class producer and supplier of agro products .
Next Younger generation do own business and develop india
Salient Features
Excellent market captured in domestic & exports.
15-20 people who age below 20 doing work under us .
Highly qualified/technocrat promoters & the staff.
Exporting newer products in advance countries like Europe & AUSTRALIA.
All the National & International standards followed in hygienic production.
D) Products
Raw Cashew Nuts
Our focus is on supplying good quality raw cashew nuts at all times. Our strength is our
performance over a long period of time. We always honor our commitments on time.
We produce the finest raw cashew nuts from Benin, Ghana, Ivory Coast and Guinea
(Conakry),Tanzania, Burkina Faso, Gambia, Guinea Bissau , Mozambique, Senegal, Togo, Our
procurement team checks each lot of raw cashew nuts diligently before buying from farm gate.
The raw cashew nuts are dried properly before shipment. We have multiple quality checks before
shipment of the product to ensure only the very best quality is shipped.
 Little information for raw cashew nut
There is not a general standard for cashew nuts but some parameters can establish the quality of
the cashew and the appreciation on the market
1 - Out-turn / Yield
It is the quantity of cashew kernel that can be obtained after decorticating (remove the shell of a
cashew nut) 80 kg of raw cashew nuts. The count is in pounds per 80kg.
A good out turn is from 43 to 48 lbs
An excellent out turn is from 48 to 55 lbs
2-. Nut count
It is the number or raw cashew nuts per kg
170 excellent
180-185 very good
185-200 good
Also below products
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Cashew processing machinery
Raw Cashew Nut Grading Machine
Auto grading Machine
Cashew Nut Steam Boiler
Automatic cashew cutting machine
2blade and 4blade
Shell & separator
Cashew Nut Drying Oven
Automatic Cashew Peeling Machine
Cashew Kernel Separator ( 6 grade)
Cashew Nut Manual Cutter
Ocean Metal
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Contact us :
Main office & factory :
17, Gopinath Estate Part-1, Nr.Soni ni Chal, NH No.8, Narol-Naroda Road, Ahmedabad.
Branch office :
6-shubham complex , near water tank , yogi chowk , surat .
: Info.agro@oceangroups.in
Mr bhavik Patel : +91 90337 93793
Mr Rajani Jagani : +91 97146 09019
Akshay Malaviya : +919586041411
Skype id : Ocean.agro