PBU Screening Panel

PBU Screening Panel
Presentation Template
Sample Content
General Introduction
General Layout of PBU
Shop Drawings
Manufacturing Process
Delivery and Storage
On-Site Installation
Homeowners User Manual
Maintenance and Renovation
Annual Production Capacity
Additional Info
PBU System – General Introduction
• Material of Wall Panel¹, Floor and Ceiling
• Technical details² of Wall Panel, Floor and
Ceiling (e.g. thickness³, density, weight4, fire
rating etc)
• Minimum floor-to-floor height required
PBU System – General Introduction
• Extent¹ of finishing and fitting works completed off-site
(what items are done off-site and what items are done
• Type of tiles (including tiling method)
• Type of floor trap
• If any metal components were used, please provide
details on the corrosion protection and life span of the
metal components
General Layout of PBU
(with a sample unit layout)
• To provide a general layout of a PBU (must include a sample
floor plan of the apartment unit in order to show the PBU’s
possible positions in relation to the other rooms/structural
element of the apartment)
– Locations of concealed services (pipes, M&E etc)
– Location of vertical stack (must be accessible from outside
the PBU but within the DU or common areas)
– Location of maintenance panel within the PBU
– Possible locations for the manufacturer’s label (including a
sample label¹)
– Possible locations² for grab bar(s) installation (please
clarify if additional reinforcement is required)
Shop Drawings
• Shop drawings showing typical details of PBU
• Typical details of interfacing between PBU wall
panel to PBU floor slab
• Typical details of interfacing between PBU wall
panel to wall panel
• Typical details of interfacing between PBU wall
panel to structural floor slab or corbel
• Connection details of sanitary wares and/or other
fittings to PBU wall/floor
Shop Drawings
• Method of window installation
• Typical details of interfacing between PBU wall
panel and external wall (at window openings)
Design Considerations
• Are there specific design considerations made
to cater for drainage of water leakages?
• Does the PBU system utilise single slab or
double slab system? Please provide details of
the supporting beam/corbel where necessary
Manufacturing Process
• Step-by-step description (flowchart with
illustrative photos where possible) on the
manufacturing process, including:
– Water-proofing details (e.g. ??? mm upturn)
– QC test details & schedule (e.g. when to conduct
each watertightness test at what section of the
PBU, static loading test on sanitary wares etc)
Delivery and Storage
• Transportation arrangement (including
protective measures towards potential
cracks/damages to PBU structure, internal
finishes and fittings PBU during lifting and
• Possible storage arrangement
On-Site Installation
• Installation method statement (can provide a
pictorial summary in the slides, and separately
provide the full method statement as a PDF
supporting document)
• Structural details and calculations on the lifting
support¹ (same as above)
• Protective measures taken to prevent damages/theft
after PBU is installed on-site
On-Site Installation
• Please clarify if site workers can complete the
installation of pipe connections, gas water
heater/electric storage heater without entering the
Homeowners User Manual
• To provide the content page of the sample
homeowners user manual¹ (to show what info
will be included)
• Method statement on
maintenance/renovation works, including
– How to carry out tile replacement works
– How to carry out pipe repair/replacement works if
there is chokage (especially for embedded pipes)
– What is the minimum space requirement between
the false ceiling and underside of top slab to allow
for maintenance work and/or install water heater
Annual Production Capacity
• Local Plant
• Overseas Plant (if applicable)
Additional Info
• Provision for training of Installers/Renovators
(for new systems uncommon in the local
• Any other relevant supporting info¹