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Integrating Opengear console servers into SolarWinds Orion NPM
SolarWinds Orion is Easy-to-Use Network Monitoring
Thousands of network engineers rely on Orion Network Performance
Monitor (NPM) for enterprise-class fault & performance management
that is easy to use, intuitive, and highly affordable.
Monitors real-time performance metrics for routers, switches,
servers, and other SNMP-enabled devices
Automatically adjusts to changes in your network & allows you to
visually track performance statistics in real time via dynamic network
topology maps
Simplifies virtualization management by monitoring performance
of VMware hosts & virtual machines
Opengear has partnered with SolarWinds to extend NPM
capability to previously undetected devices and include a
vital layer of Out-Of-Band access to remote sites.
Opengear console servers provide connectivity to devices
not currently network or SNMP enabled. We deliver remote
site access to serial console ports, digital I/O devices,
environmental sensors and TCP/UDP hosts.
Key Benefits:
• Enabling SolarWinds customers to actively monitor all the network devices, power equipment,
and environmental conditions at their remote sites
• Monitoring previously undetected devices: RS232, RS422, RS485, USB, digital I/O
• Providing point-n-click access to the remote site from within Orion NPM window
• Ensuring high availability with integrated Out-Of-Band access
• Expand monitoring to new markets: Grid, Utility, Pipeline, Medical, Military, Industrial and more
Extend polling to simple devices at remote sites
Our console servers allow for easy integration by handling all of the connectivity and
conversion issues at the remote site and present the status and alerts over IP via
SNMP. For example, our design allows UPS and PDU systems that do not have
SNMP capability to be actively monitored and managed via serial console. Our
devices are vendor agnostic which allows previously un-monitored UPS and PDU
systems to be easily integrated into Orion. You can now trigger alerts on battery,
load, input/output on UPS systems and harness switched and metered PDU's via
serial interface.
Opengear solutions enable Orion customers to extend NPM to new markets such as:
• Smart Grid
• Solar Panel Monitoring
• Medical
• Cellular to wireless locations
• Gaming Machines
• Utilities
• And much more…
Integrate point-n-click access into Solarwinds Orion
Opengear's console servers and Orion NPM communicate using Simple Network Management
Protocol (SNMP), management information bases (MIB), and traps (asynchronous alerts). This
gives customers the capability to quickly respond to events at the edge, ensuring optimal
reliability and performance. Opengear console servers provide encrypted authenticated access
that meets the most demanding high security applications.
In addition, our console servers provide secure Out-Of-Band access using modems and cellular
network connections. Opengear console servers can be accessed quickly from within the
SolarWinds UI by simply clicking the embedded Opengear logo for the associated downstream
console server.
Easy Integration
Setup takes only
minutes and offers a
customized selection of
pollers to display for
each remote console
Installation of Orion Pollers from Opengear
To monitor your console server and its managed devices you will need to import the Opengear
Universal Device Pollers into your NPM. For details refer Opengear SolarWinds Integration Guide
or online faq364
Refer faq365 for further information on Opengear's integration with SolarWinds Orion NPM
For more general information about SolarWinds Orion visit Orion NPM