Low-cost Video Camera Adapter for the Orion Go-Scope 80

Low-cost Video Camera Adapter
for the Orion Go-Scope 80
Ted Blank
IOTA 2014 Annual Meeting
College Park, MD
Orion Go-Scope 80 is another option
for mobile deployments
• 80 mm aperture
• Simple alt-az
• $130 as shown
• Innovative focus
design (rear knob
moves front
Problem: PC164CEX-2 with Owl 0.5X
FR will not come to focus in Go-Scope
• Visual back uses non-standard thread size
• With the diagonal in place, not enough intravel
• Without the diagonal in place, no way to
attach to the rear threads
• Solution: take a lesson from Scotty D. and visit
the Lowes Plumbing Dept.
Low-cost adapter
Cut on dotted lines for outer piece
Cut on solid lines for insert
Wrap insert in tape
for snug fit
Spot glue around edges
Cut 3 pairs of slots with hacksaw.
Drill and tap at location shown
for thumbscrew
Now camera will come to focus
• With adapter in place, PC164CEX-2 with 0.5X
FR comes to focus approximately in the
middle of the focuser travel
• Insure cuts in PVC are made square so all parts
of camera chip will be in focus
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