Television Networking Platforms

Global expertise
Local experience Africa’s best
TV Distribution Platforms
Use a custom designed
TV Platform to reach your
target market
TV Distribution Platforms
• All our TV platform Head-Ends are built and tested at our
workshop facilities prior to being delivered on site
• Custom Head-End enclosures are provided, according to on site
or customer specifications
• Our site surveys and proposals allow you new networks which are
designed to provide the best user experience
• Untangle yourself from old systems, cabling and continuous
maintenance problems
TV Distribution Platforms
• You need repeatable picture quality
• You need more functionality
• You need Video on Demand, guest or client information
channels, and interactive services
• We comply and enhance with Internet Access and Voice over
IP technologies
• We cater to South Africa and countries throughout our
African continent
TV Distribution Platforms
• Perfect for all industry sectors, including:
Hotels, Guest Houses and Restaurants in the Hospitality Industry
Gyms, Hospitals and Clinics in the Health Industry
Casinos, Pubs and Clubs in the Entertainment Industry
Mines, Refineries and Accommodations in the Mining Industry
Investment, Insurance and Banking institutes in the Financial Industry
Satellite Master Antennae Television (SMATV)
• For digital satellite television reception from recognised South
African commercial service providers such as TopTV, Sentech and
DSTV in Southern Africa
• For Satellite TV reception from other specialised International
Service Providers who provide satellite footprints over the
African continent
Satellite Master Antennae (SMATV)
• Advantages include:
Repeatable television services
Repeatable picture quality at every screen
Customized channels
Digital quality TV reception
Reduced cost per viewpoint
Set Top Boxes (STBs)
• A device which acts as an addressable interface between the
user, the system and the service being provided
• Used extensively in the hospitality industry to supply content,
information channels, interactive services and internet access at
the viewpoint
Interactive Video on Demand (VOD)
• Allow your guests or employees to access videos, movies or
company shows through any TV set within your building via
existing or new cable infrastructure
• Simple billing options. Integrated billing systems are used for
pay-per-view movies
High Speed Internet Access (HSIA)
• Guests log in with their name and room number via an access
code provided by reception
• Wired or wireless access technologies can be utilised
• Simple billing options. Integrated billing systems are used
High Speed Internet Access (HSIA)
• Fixed IP addresses
• Virtual Private Network connections are handled seamlessly
without user intervention, freeing hotel staff to focus on
their tasks
• Secure
Digital TV
• We supply OTRUM systems – international guest-focused
entertainment platforms, which can be run over Coaxial, or
Ethernet based Local Area Network infrastructures
• Offers centralised marketing possibilities for effective
guest communication
Digital TV
• Perfect picture quality in every room
• Digital implementation of IPTV, DVB-C and DVB-S/S2 over
Coaxial, Ethernet, Fibre or hybrid infrastructures
• Recommended for High Definition Signal distribution
While you sleep
we monitor and repair
TAV Service Department
Our after-sales service
• Online monitoring and preventative maintenance means
minimum downtime and disruption
• Our support team is on hand to help 24/7 if you’re a rental
customer or have negotiated an SLA
• Our warehouse carries stock of most spare line items so faulty
equipment can be replaced quickly if planned for with a
negotiated SLA
Service is our priority
• We take pride in top notch customer service
• Our customer call centre is available from Mon am to Sat pm
• After hour's line for technical assistance and emergency repairs
• We service your requests 24/7 throughout the year if you rent
from us or have an SLA
Technical support
• We have:
– Teams of dedicated technology experts
– Separate service technician and installation teams
– Standby technicians
• Calls logged before 10:00 will be attended to same day
• Calls logged later will be attended to same day if possible or next
business day
• Customised SLA’s are available on request
Online tracking
• Our automatic communication system means you’re always in
the loop:
– It notifies you every time status changes
– From when service call is logged until it is complete
– If you have a problem after hours, we have a separate support line
for technical assistance and emergency repairs
Monthly reports
• Our monthly reports add value to our rental customers
• As a rental customer, we can send you monthly reports on all
logged service calls
• These allow you to verify how efficiently, timeously and
exceptionally our team services your requests
• Our warehouse carries stock of most spare line items for
facilitation in quick deployment to repair or replace
faulty equipment
• Loan stock can be available for equipment not repaired within 48
hours as part of a requested SLA
As one of the largest suppliers in Africa,
we give you the best communication future
with our AV offerings
About us
• Since 1978, we have become digital and communication experts
through our global expertise and local experience
• We make audiovisual technology:
– Easy to use
– Easy to manage
– Easy to afford
BBBEE rating
• We are a Level 3 BBBEE Value Added supplier
• Our BBBEE ownership boosts your supply chain ratings
• We have clients in:
Leisure and sporting industries
• We transfer this knowledge to any other environment – just call
us and connect
Products & services
• Television Distribution Platforms:
– SMA-TV & IPTV in many applications
– Triple Play functions and bandwidth efficiencies
Products & services
• Video Conferencing & Integrated Boardrooms:
– From basic presentation facilities to comprehensive and
interactive systems
– Instantaneous worldwide functionality
– Connect to your customers while saving time and reducing your
carbon footprint
Products & services
• Interactive Video on Demand:
– Deliver interactivity in addition to regular and satellite television
delivery to multiple rooms
– Includes guest messaging systems
– True on-demand television or movie delivery
Products & services
• Digital Display & Signage:
– Includes touch screens, plasma screens and LCD Screens
– Full connectivity on satellite, 3G or GPRS platforms
– Ideal for commercial environments including banks, hotels,
government departments or building entrances
Products & services
• CCTV & Access Control Systems:
– Security, staff monitoring and improved efficiencies
– Cutting edge electronic monitoring and control solutions keep you
running safely and smoothly
Products & services
• Other offerings:
Antennae, cabling and other peripherals
Systems rental
AV Managed Services Platform
Logging and tracking service
We enhance communication,
improve productivity & increase efficiency
Gauteng – 011 840 0900 . KZN – 032 586 0771 . Cape – 021 914 0636