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Sellafield Ltd Commercial Opportunities

Stuart Wilson -

Supply Chain Ombudsman.

09 April 2020 1

In Flight and Future Procurements

• Major Projects Updates • Decommissioning Delivery Partner • Enabling Innovation Framework • Inbound Logistics and Material Control 09 April 2020 2

Decommissioning Major Projects Update

• SDP EPC (detailed design, procurement, construction & inactive commissioning) - Source Evaluation ongoing - Award planned for May 2014 • BTF (Procurement, Construction, Installation and Support to Commissioning) - Communicated with bidders on 3 rd March that due to ongoing development work on PP14 and alignment with MSSS programme we would not be in a position to move forward to award until end March 14 I.e. A holding position 09 April 2020 3

Decommissioning Major Projects Update

• BEP- epC (engineer, procure, construct) - PQQ issued 24 th February - ITT planned May 2014 - Contract award 3 rd quarter of 2014 BEPPS/ DIF • BEPPS/DIF - epC (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Inactive Commissioning) - ITT issued January 14 th 2014 - Contract award 3 rd quarter of 2014 09 April 2020 4

Decommissioning Delivery Partner - DDP

• • • • • • Must continue to support the Overall Imperative: “Achieving the greatest sustained rate of aggregate risk reduction” Transition to Decommissioning Major effort needed to define challenge, train and prepare High-quality, high-profile work Long-term deal with clear pipeline of work Opportunity to grow capability and capacity Strong incentives for good performance 09 April 2020 5

Decommissioning Delivery Partner - DDP


Overall Programme Strategy Development Final Approval Selection (PQQ) Stage Issue contract notice/PQQ PQQ Return PQQ Evaluation, Short-list approval Award (ITT) Stage Issue ITT ITT Return ITT Evaluation Period Governance and Award/Standstill Mobilisation


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09 April 2020 6

Sellafield Enabling Innovation Framework

• • The EIF is a client support service that adds value throughout the project lifecycle. Although typically having a low contract value there will be an opportunity to drive high added value and return on investment.

The scope includes from the initial identification of the need through problem definition and subsequent support to key decision making. The EIF is seen as a tactical enabler at project delivery stage and as an illustration the scope will include: – – – – – – – – Support to problem framing: establishing clarity over needs and priorities Help establish project purpose, principles, roles and tasks before the detail is decided Problem definition: helps translate service requirements into clear functional/technical requirements Support to studies, problem solving and recovery of stalled projects Improve understanding of supply chain capability Supports challenge to unnecessarily bespoke solutions, application of unnecessary standards and “specialist” requirements Support to constructive challenge of ongoing requirements and cost estimates Relationship based and offering up new processes and innovations, which have not been solicited by a Sellafield Client that may bring significant return on investment.

09 April 2020 7

Sellafield Enabling Innovation Framework Progress and Key Dates

• • • • • • Initial Business Case approved Value Band E, £5 – £10M Market Engagement Day arranged for morning of 14th March 2014 at Energus - engagement with market on option to lot/not lot and the shaping of any lots Issue of ITT - currently scheduled for 2/7/14 Closing date for bids - currently scheduled for 27/8/14 Announcement of intention to award/standstill period 10/11/14 09 April 2020 8

Project Inbound Logistics and Material Control Project

Control Tower Sellafield Security Enhancement Project (SSEP) Logistics Inbound Logistics Distribution Centre / Warehousing Materials Management


 Central point for logistic co-ordination and management with a scope that will evolve as each project is implemented  Establishment of delivery management system (DMS) Establishment of the Operating component to meet the enhanced security regime including:  Delivery Management System (DMS)  Control tower  Off-site delivery point (e.g. Lillyhall)  Delivery consolidation  Airport ‘style’ material screening and bonded deliveries  The optimisation of inbound material movements and the realisation of commercial and non-commercial benefits  Provision of rail receipt capacity on the Sellafield site  Provision of enhanced warehousing and distribution capacity including a near site Transit Centre  Enable visibility of critical component to provide project status  Inventory optimisation, planning and preparation Project 1 Project 2 Project 3 09 April 2020 9

Proposed Sellafield Ltd Security & Distribution Centre

09 April 2020 10