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North Kattali, Pahartali , City Gate, Chittagong, Bangladesh.
 Introduction
 Project Location and Area
 Our Service and Facilities
 Some snap shots of our CFS
 Some snap shots of our Yard and Equipment
 Clients of GCL
 Environmental Focus of GCL
 Vision and Mission
 Conclusion
Golden Containers Limited is a limited company (GCL),
incorporated in the port city Chittagong, Bangladesh in the year of
2008. The preliminary objective to invest in this sector was to
facilitate the increasing demand of export and import of the
country. The main vision of Golden Containers Ltd is to deliver the
Best Customer Service to our clients. By applying zero percent
tolerance in operation procedure and through simplification,
optimizes our clients overall performance by freeing up their time
to focus on running their own business. Along with this quality
service, we provide unusually reasonable rates in this competitive
Logistic Industry. Through our full service offering we help our
customer/ exporter/ importer/forwarder with our care , precision
and speed.
Project Location and Area
Railway Track
CFS 1,10,000 sft
City Gate
Entry Gate
DT Road (Proposed
6 lane Road)
Terminal Building and
Customs Office
Service Facilities of GCL
Facilities in GCL at a GLANCE:
• Equipment Strength :Two new reach stackers having
handling capacity of 45 tons and 60 ton and one new Double
Box Empty handler and supporting other equipment such as
one 35 Ton Crane, 5no 3 Ton TCM forklift and other hand
trolley and palette truck are available for logistic support.
• Moreover we have 27 fixed Prime Mover Trailer with strong
monitoring team for Speedy Operation .
• Yard capacity: Export -3000 TUEs and Import -1000 Tues.
• Distance : 7.5 km and 15 km via toll road.
One stop Documentation Service.
36 Truck / Covered Van receiving point.
Having 1,20,000 sft covered space in 4 separate CFS Block for safe
keeping / pre-carting of export cargo. Moreover another.
20,000 sft Multi -Purpose shed/Hanger.
GCL introduced TMS a powerful web based software for real time
Work shop facility for container repair and fabrication for GOH cargo.
Toilet and shower facility for outside drivers, labours and operators.
Minimum Two Group of Labour Contractors are employed to guarantee
fast and speedy operation.
In addition, we provide value-added benefits, such as insurance review
and i.t tracking services, to help simplify the process for our clients and
tailor to their needs.
Container and Cargo scaling Facility for Exporter and Importer.
24 hour CCTV monitoring.
Sealed Container in Laden Slot
Stuffed Palletized Cargo
Preparation of GOH Container
•Clients of GCL: MLO
1.Cosco Bangladesh Shipping Lines Limited (Cosco)
2.Bangladesh shipping Lines Ltd
4.Jardine Shipping (As Agent of ANL & TS Line)
5.Regense Lines Ltd. (As agent of Hanjin Shipping)
6.Total Transportation Ltd. (As Agent of China ,Balaji Shipping)
7.Mearks Bangladesh Limited.
8.Columbia Enterprise (As Agent of Wan Hai, Pacc Line)
9.QC Shipping (As Agent of IRSL, QC, QCML)
10. QC Logistics (As Agent of QNL)
11. FairMax Shipping
12. K Line Bangladesh ltd.
13. Peninsular shipping services Ltd.
14.Trans marine logistics Ltd
15.Baridhi shipping lines ltd
16.NYK Bangladesh ltd.
17.MOL- One way
18.OOCL And etc.
Our present CFS users /Freight Forwarders:
Expeditors (bd) ltd
2. Silk Containers Ltd
3. Geodis Wilson Bangladesh Ltd
4. Freight management Ltd
5. Contrans pvt ltd
6. Sunship Agencies Ltd
7. Kerry Far East Log Ltd
8. Dart Global Logistics
9. Sinoben Cargo system ltd
10. Concord Express Bd Ltd
11. A.I Freight Ltd
12. New port Express Ltd
13. Swift Logistics ltd
14. Euro Service Ltd
15. Regent Containers Ltd
16. Freight master
17. Intasl
Environmental Focus Of GCL:
GCL always focus on cost reduction and
minimization of environmental impact in our daily
life as well as in our work field through better
logistics and proper estate planning and
management. We also encourage our valuable
partners regarding this issue and to use Recycle
able or Eco-friendly products as much as possible
to create a better world for our next generation.
Our last few years performance indicates the confidence and reliability of
our work force. However, through this growth we have maintained our
small business values and principles, providing our clients with
personalized, quality service – such as guaranteeing that our clients will
speak to a live person throughout the entire shipping cycle.
To be a profitable, world-class logistics provider with dedicated
employees who provide superior, error-free service for every customer.
In conclusion we like to say that we accomplish our Mission by:
 Accumulating in-depth knowledge of our customers, the interaction with their
business partners and their industry to provide better service as per their needs.
Recruiting, empowering and rewarding talented and motivated people.
Selecting and developing a network of effective and reliable affiliates.
Applying proven enabling technologies, techniques and tools for developing and
executing innovative logistics solutions.
Improving the value of our services by continuously reassessing current solutions
and jointly developing new capabilities with our customers.
Ensuring that the environment in which we operate is safe, healthy and secure.
--The End--
For Further Information please contact:
Mr. Benazir Chowdhury Nishan
Director & C.O.O
PH: +88-0173-0070140
E-mail: b.chowhury@gclbd.com
Mr.Ashish Barua
Deputy General Manager
Mobile: +88-0173-0070125
E-mail: a_barua@gclbd.com
Mr. Abdul Halim
AGM Finance and Opr
Mobile: +88-0173-0070123
E-mail: halim@gclbd.com
Mr Sarwar Morshed Beg
Manager Operation
Mobile: +880173-0070126
E.mail: opm@gclbd.com
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