Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)

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Compressed Air Energy Storage
Making Renewable Energy Profitable
Traditional Energy Efficient
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The Renewable Energy Crisis
Renewables are not working due to:
1. Intermittency:
Renewables generate all the energy we need when we don't need
it, and not when we do
2. Government subsidies:
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The Storelectric Solution
Grid Scale Energy Storage
Compressed Air Energy Storage (CAES)
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What CAES Is
What it is
Take in surplus electricity
Use it to pump compressed air into a salt cavern
When demand exceeds supply, regenerate electricity
What it does
Store gigawatt hours per installation
Match supply with demand
The only technology that can, grid scale, today or soon
Proven and working reliably since 1978
But only 42-50% efficient
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Salt basins
and offshore
wind farms
Orange and yellow: salt basins
Blue: offshore wind farms
Both current and planned
Information from:
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What We Have
3 patents pending using existing, proven technologies to increase
efficiency to 70-85% – and the threshold for viability is around 60%;
5 more patents written, for even greater efficiency;
 2 locations in the North West with salt caverns and local support;
 1-3GWh storage per installation, generating min. 250-500MW;
 Outstanding expertise within our team;
 A market for generating min. 27GW of peak (i.e. premium rate)
electricity and storing 2.5TWh in the UK alone;
 Ability to replicate throughout the country and world;
 A very strong business case based on conservative figures, with strong
profitability from a single installation.
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Cost and Valuation
Each installation equivalent to
½ capacity of Dinorwig & Ffestiniog Pumped Hydro
~1/10 cost of Dinorwig alone
First Hydro (Dinorwig and Ffestiniog) profits £170m p.a.
First Hydro worth £3.5 – 5 bn (current)
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Investment Required
Detailed design
•Full designs and approvals
•Assembled consortium
Pilot plant
•25-40 MW
Upgrade to Full Installation £200-290m
•500 MW
Upwards of
We are seeking UK and (future) EU public funding also
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