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The McOnie Agency is the leading
specialist “safety” focused
public relations consultancy in Europe
Our expertise runs across a broad spectrum
of markets, sectors and industries
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Health and Safety - some stats!
• The UK has one of the lowest fatal injury rates across Europe
– 171 people were killed in 2010/11*
• 2.3 million people die worldwide as a result of their work
• The EU invests heavily in:
– raising standards
– bringing consistency to health and safety legislation.
• Emerging sectors and new technologies present new challenges
• Developed countries can transfer skills
*HSE Annual Statistics, 2010/11
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The Evolution of Health and Safety
• 1780 BC - the earliest known examples of health and safety
• The Hammurabi Codex (a code of law) ancient Babylon in
– 'If a builder built a house for someone, and does not construct it properly, and the
house which he built falls in and kills its owner, then that builder shall be put to
death' [Law 229]
• Fast forward to the present – key developments
– 1974 - The Health and Safety at Work Act
– 1992 - The European Health and Safety framework directive
– 2008 - Corporate Manslaughter Act in UK
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Why we specialise
• To help reduce workplace deaths by:
Creating a positive and engaging message for health and safety
Educating people in the importance of health and safety
Helping change people’s opinions
Contributing to a step change in behaviour
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Core purpose
To communicate safety
and make it interesting
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What makes us unique
• Specialist Occupational Health, Safety & Environment expertise
– Current & future regulations/standards
– Active with trade bodies & industry influencers
• Specialist expertise in our clients’ markets/customers
– Fully integrated, onsite commitment
– Technically/commercially aware
– Fully briefed on client’s business plans
• Specialist media expertise
– Expertise in clients’ markets’ media
– Unique/creative editorial style
– Regular monitoring, evaluation & analysis
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Activity undertaken
Crisis Management /
Brand Reputation
Educational pieces
Interviews and
Scheduled features
and case studies
Press releases
Awareness days and
campaign links
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Fact sheets/Member
One to one
A selection of our clients
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