New Control Strategy for CNC Machines via STEP-NC

Smart Machining Solutions
Intelligent - Interoperable - Informative - Innovative
Machine Condition Monitoring via STEP-NC
provides a closed-loop control system based on
the STEP-NC data model. The system can
optimize machining processes as well as
support a bi-directional and higher-level
information flow. (FR)
STEP-based Total Simulation for CNC machining Processes
aims to develop a task-oriented and web-based virtual
machining environment based on STEP-NC so that NC
program errors can be reduced or eliminated, and machining
parameters optimized, and quality and service improved.
Curtsey of STEP Tools, Inc USA
New Control Strategy for CNC
Machines via STEP-NC looks to use
STEP-NC to develop a universal
“adapter” for a pool of CNC machine
tools so that input to these CNCs is
consolidated and the NC programs can
be made portable. (DHW)
The aim of the next generation of Computer
Numerically Controlled (CNC) machines is to be
portable, interoperable and adaptable. Over the years,
G-codes (ISO 6983) have been extensively used by
the CNC machine tools for part programming and are
now considered as a bottleneck for smart machining
processes. A new standard known as STEP-NC is
being developed as the data model for a new breed
of CNC machine tools. The data model represents a
common standard specifically aimed at the intelligent
CNC manufacturing workstation, making the goal of a
standardized CNC controller and NC code generation
facility a reality. It is believed that CNC machines
implementing STEP-NC will be the basis for a more
open and adaptable CNC architecture. The projects
outline a futuristic view of STEP-NC in support of
manufacturing through global networking with
autonomous manufacturing workstations with STEPcompliant data interpretation, intelligent part program
generation, diagnostics and maintenance, monitoring,
simulation, and job production scheduling.
STEP-NC Enabled On-machine Inspections
project provides a unified data model for
machining and on-machine inspections.
The goal is to realize a real-time feedback
control and a timely informed machining
environment so as to achieve the “firstpart-correct” paradigm. (FYZ)
Development of a STEP-NC
Controller using Function
Block Technology is a future
model of CNC controllers
that operates using the
STEP-NC as the data input.
Today, a new standard namely
ISO 14649 recognized informally as
STEP-NC is being developed by vendors,
users and academic institutes world-wide
to provide a high-level data model for a new
breed of intelligent CNCs. The data model
represents a common standard
specifically for NC programming,
making the goal of a standardized
CNC controller and NC code
generation facility a reality.
Distributed Interoperable
Manufacturing Platform aims to cater
the difficulties of information exchange
and sharing in heterogeneous
applications environments among
business partners. It is based on a
module-based, Service-Oriented
Architecture (SOA). In the platform, the
STEP-NC data model is used to facilitate
data-exchange among heterogeneous
CAD/CAM/CNC systems. (VXW)
Development of an energy-informed machining system
This research endeavours to develop energy-informed
machining and optimization based on energy
consumption model. STEP-NC is adopted to integrate the
energy information into production chain. Multi-criteria
process planning and machining parameter optimization
can be achieved, and evaluated by the proposed energy
consumption rating system. (VTP)
Intelligent and Interoperable Manufacturing Systems
STEP-NC compliant controller
based on real-time Ethernet uses a
real-time Ethernet as the
communication bus in the lower
level and OPC UA as the upper level
interface. (WK)
Virtual CNC Based on STEP-NC is
designed with the intention to perform a
high-fidelity machining simulation by
bringing the virtual environment closer
to the real machining process. The
simulation system is capable of adapting
to machine tool’s on-site conditions using
continuous process monitoring
techniques. (AZAK)
A ‘complete solution’ via STEP-NC:
This is the overarching project, combining
the results achieved in the research group
work, to seek a breakthrough for an
intelligent, interoperable, informative and
innovate paradigm of smart manufacturing