CTE Course Presentation - School District of Beloit

Career and Technical Education
School District of Beloit
What Courses are offered at
Beloit Memorial High School?
Business Education
“Your Future is OUR Business”
Business Education Courses
Business Foundations
Business Technology Courses
•Computer Applications
•Word Processing
•Web Design
•Digital Media Production
Management/Marketing Courses
Personal Finance
Business Law
International Business
Marketing 1 and 2
Sports and Entertainment
Advanced Business/Internship
Real World Experiences
•Finance and Investment Challenge Bowl
•JA Business Challenge
•Stock Market Challenge
•Reality Store
•Lambeau Field
•Miller Park
•Harley Davidson Museum
•Bradley Center
Student Organizations
Business Field Trips
Freshman Courses
•Fashion Dynamics, Advanced Fashion
•Family Development
•Today’s Foods
Earn and Learn
• Earn on the job AND college credits in the classroom
in the Hospitality I, II, and III.
• We offer 2 classes for 3 college credits as well as paid,
in-school internship job opportunities for Seniors that
have completed the course work
Community Service
• We're very active in community-service opportunities
through our Purple Knight Catering Club and we provide
you with fresh perspectives on your future!
Early Childhood Program
• 3 Blackhawk
Technical College
Credits with a
Simulation at Beloit
Early Childhood Course ListingTotal of 15 BTC Credits!
•Child Development
•Early Childhood Ed. I, II, III
•Early Childhood Internship- work in
a daycare center or volunteer in the
4K Program.
Food Science
Is equal to
So Many Choices, So Little Time!
•Housing and Interior Design
•21st Century Skills
•Food Choices
•Foods and Cultures
•Personal Finance (partnered with our
Business Education Department)
Technology Education
• Great Technology Education courses available today!
• Learn valuable skills that will assist you throughout your
Exploring Technology Education
• New course of Exploring Technology. This class allows
students to have different experiences in the Technology
Education area.
Information Technology Courses
• There are three different levels of IT courses available at
• These classes are great if you are interested in learning
the basics of computers, networking, routing, LAN
switches, repair, upgrading, and more!
Automotive Technology/Eclipse Center
• If you are interested in working in a hands-on modern-day mechanic
shop working on real cars then you should check out our 3 levels of
classes offered.
• National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation (NATEF)
certified program.
• Develop the skills to enter into the local work force.
Welding and CNC Machining
• If you are interested in working in a welding or a CNC machining
environment then you should check out both of these programs, with welding
you will be working with Miller welding machines. With Machining you will be
working with Haas CNC machines. Upon completions of either classes you
have the opportunity for an internship your senior year.
• Roughly a 1 million dollar upgrade to the CNC and Welding Facility in 20132014.
Forest City Gear
Manufacturing Field Trips
Roscoe Works Tour
Manufacturing Field Trips
Regal Cutting Tools
Manufacturing Field Trips
• Courses are designed for students who want to get into the building trades
field, you will work with blueprints, basic residential construction, framing,
and more as you progress. With completion of all 3 levels you have the
opportunity for an internship and to build a house during the school year as
part of your high school experience.
• Students looking to get into the cabinetry and millwork field should look into
our 2 level courses. Projects done in this class will be full-scale, and up to
industry standards.
• Equipment is state of the art in the millwork and cabinetmaking industry.
• Courses are hands-on.
• For the students who are looking to become engineers there are a variety of
classes available where you will use CAD (Computer Aided
Design)(AutoDesk Inventor for 3-D Solid Modeling)(VEX Robotics
Programming) you will also use math, science, and technology to help you
problem solve.
• Project Lead the Way programs of Principles of Engineering (POE)
Introduction to Engineering Design. (IED). Digital Electronics (DE).
Computer Integrated Manufacturing (CIM) are available.
Skills USA
• Technology Educations students compete
with other schools all around the nation.
Technical College Transcripted Credit
● Earn credit at Blackhawk Technical College for course
work that is being completed at BMHS.
Career and Technical Education Goal and Direction for Students.
Develop relevant student experiences.
Continue to blend academic and career education.
Provide opportunities for 21st Century employability skills.
Be responsive to the changes and advances in technology.