North American Sales and Operating Income Improving

DENSO Press Conference
AAPEX 2010
Richard Shiozaki
Senior Vice President
DENSO Sales California
Las Vegas, Nevada
November 3, 2010
North American Sales and Operating Income Improving
First-half FY2010 Results Show
• North American Sales totaled
$3.3 billion, a 32.7 percent
increase from 2009
• Operating Income totaled $
168.4 million, a $200.1 million
increase from 2009
First-half 2009
First-half 2010
North American Sales and Income
2010 Sales Forecast Revised Upward
• 2010 Sales forecast revised upward 4.1
percent to $35 billion
• Operating Income forecast revised upward
29.6 percent to $2.0 billion
Forecast for Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2011
Net Sales
Income before
income taxes and
minority interests
Net Income
FY Forecast
FY Forecast
Changes from
Previous FY
US$35.0 billion
+4.1 percent
US$2.0 billion
+29.6 percent
US$2.1 billion
+28.9 percent
US$1.4 billion
+68.9 percent
Automotive News Ranks DENSO No. 1 in the World
(Source: Automotive News 6/14/10)
Based on 2009 global OEM Automotive parts sales
DENSO Is OE On Many Domestic Vehicles
• DENSO is the original equipment
component supplier on many GM,
Ford and Chrysler vehicles
•A/C Compressors
•GPS Navigation
•Spark Plugs
•Fuel Pumps
•Electric Motors
•And many more. . .
DENSO Awards
• 2009 GM Supplier of the
• 13 time winner
•2009 Ford World
Excellence Award
• 2009 Toyota Global
Contribution Award
DENSO In India, China and Brazil
• DENSO builds wiper
motor and link for the
Tata Nano in India
• DENSO now has 25
companies in China
• Will support the
production of the Fiat 500
in Mexico for delivery to
• DENSO makes the
alternator, front-wiper,
compressor, HVAC and
climate control panel for
the Fiat 500
Nano Wiper Motor & Link
Global Aftermarket Expansion
• New aftermarket sales company in
• DENSO Aftermarket spark plugs,
automotive air-conditioning and bus
air-conditioning products now being
offered in Middle Eastern and North
African Countries
• Newly acquired aftermarket
distribution company with locations in
Italy, Spain and France will deliver
aftermarket climate control products
throughout Europe
New Aftermarket Product - Ignition Coils
• DENSO developed the auto
industry’s first compact sticktype ignition coil
• Small size, light weight, easy
to install
• Expanding to 60 part
numbers in 2011 for Ford,
GM, Nissan, Honda, Mazda
and Toyota
New Aftermarket Product - Mass Air Flow Sensors
• Introduced in September 2010
• 95 percent coverage for Toyota
and other brands including
Chevrolet, Mazda, Honda,
Acura, Suzuki and Subaru
• 18 million UIO
New Aftermarket Product - DENSO Platinum TT Spark Plug
• Unique Twin-Tip design
means better ignitability
• 13 part numbers cover 90 percent
of all vehicles in North America
New Aftermarket Compressor Program
•Number 1 world market share
in OE AC Compressors
New for 2011
Expanded New Unit Coverage:
• All DENSO Variable Type
compressors convert from
Reman to New
• Bringing our product coverage
to 97 percent new units
• All Reman units are Coreless
New Aftermarket Product - Condensers
•Seamless integration
into the vehicle’s
original air conditioning
•Premium aluminum
construction improves
•Superior fin wave
design offers higher
heat transfer
•No adapters required
New Aftermarket Product - Radiators
• World’s No. 1 OE market
share in 2009
• Now available in the
• DENSO offers three basic
radiator types:
• Plastic tank with aluminum
• Plastic tank with copper core
• Cross-flow and down-flow
Latin and South America Growth
• 15 percent sales increase in 2009
• 26 percent growth Y.T.D. in 2010
• We currently sell spark plugs, diesel
injection and oxygen sensors into
these markets
• Looking to expand AC compressor
business in South America
Enhanced Training Program
• Taught by real technicians
• No sales pitch
• 16 Product areas covered
• Unique tips
– Reduce diagnostic time
– Insure first-time repair
97 Percent Satisfaction Rating!
DENSO Parts Professional (DPP)
• DPP offers online technical info to
professional techs 24/7
• What’s available is OE information for:
•Wiring diagrams
•Service bulletins
•Engine specs
•DENSO product information and specs
• Access to our database requires a yearly
subscription that is less than 75 percent the
cost of next our closest competitor’s rate
DENSO Aftermarket Products More Easily Available
• Awarded OE Supplier of the Year
4 of the last 5 years from the
Pronto Buying Group
• Expanded product lines with
national retailers
• DENSO products are now
available at more than 10,000
outlets in North America
New Market – New Product
• Iridium Saver Spark
Plug – New product for
Natural Gas Engines
used in Pipelines, Biogas, Co-generation
and the Transit market
• Iridium alloy –
developed and
patented by DENSO
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