Roads Services Training Group
Peter Burke
MapRoad PMS
• Objectives
• Development
• Phases I, II & III
• RoadWorks Licensing
High Level Benefits of a PMS
Demonstrate that the investment in the road infrastructure is
delivering the optimum Value for Money.
Demonstrate the need for investment to maintain the value of the
road infrastructure asset.
Manage, maintain and improve the road infrastructure resulting in
a Safe and Efficient Network.
Maintain the Condition of the Road Asset
Goals & Deliverables
• Extend functionality of existing Roads GIS software (MapRoad) to:
– Compliment department circulars on pavement management
– Introduce a system which can be used by a wider audience of local
authority personnel
– Make data-entry more efficient
– Improve outputs from system which will assist in decision-making
• Development Priorities: –
Mechanical Data Viewer
History of Works
Condition Rating
Planned Works
Financial Module
• Link to FMS such as Agresso
• Assist and link into Grants and Funding
– Roadworks Licensing
– Speed Limits
• To be supported with Guidance and Circulars as required
• ICT Choices and Challenges
– Decisions made to continue use of existing desktop system but deliver
new functionality through the use of a web browser
– New departure to the use of Open Source GIS and spatial database
– Requirement for local authorities to:
- upgrade version of MapInfo desktop
- upgrade to MS SQL Server 2008
- provide additional servers for use with MapRoad PMS
– Research delivery of tools to collect survey data to complement the
adoption of a pavement condition rating initiative as required by
– Make use of improved OSI mapping web services
• MapRoadPMS is an integrated, Geographical
Information System (GIS) enabled, Roads
Management Information System.
• MapRoadPMS composed of four main elements:
– Desktop System,
– Web Based Interface,
– Roadworks Licensing
– Android App for inspections or field work
• .
• Phase 1
– Development Completed October 2011
– Re-Use of the same Road Schedule from MapRoad (desktop)
– Add in History of Works
– Record Roads Programme
– Use of OpenStreet Maps and OSIs MapGenie webservice for
background mapping
– Ability to export layers and information to MapInfo for ‘other’ uses;
printing, workspace thematics, comparison against other layers of
information (traffic, accidents etc)
– Re-launch of the desktop tools for road schedule to emphasise
importance of an up-to-date Road Schedule
• Implemented in 32 Local Authorities
• Embed the application for roads staff in local authorities
• Central location for recording the roads schedule in GIS format
along with history of works tool to enter and view works
• Development of MapRoad PMS continued through 2012
• New version rolled out to local authorities from February 2013 –
Phase 2
• Phase II Key Components
– PSCI (Visual Condition Rating) of network - data imported from
the MapRoad Mobile APP
– Incorporate Mechanical Survey data from 2011 Regional Road
– Develop more user-friendly tools for the mapping interface
– Include datasets from the MapRoad desktop system; accidents,
– Ability to create a Roads Programme to reflect the Grant
Applications to the NRA/DTTAS
• Phase III Key Components
– Speed Limits
– Financial Module
– Integration with new MapRoad Licensing System for road
– Reporting Module
– User-requested improvements to system
– MapRoad Mobile APP
– Cater for Urban rating
– Centralising System
MapRoad PMS Browser module
Works History
2011 Regional Road Survey - IRI
• MapRoad Mobile APP
Collect PSCI in the field using Android Tablet device
Load Road Schedule onto the device
Load MapRoad Mobile APP onto the device
Get training (Flexible Roads Manual)
Plan a route
Drive and Rate
Upload data
Data is uploaded to MapRoad PMS (Browser)
Review the survey
Use for preparing Works Programme
MapRoad PMS
2011 Regional Road Survey - PSCI
MapRoad Mobile - PSCI
MapRoad PMS – RoadWorks Licensing
• OLRWC system developed by LGMA based on South Dublin
CoCo RoadMap.
• Used by limited number of local authorities
• Isolated system not part of MapRoad of PMS (data integration
• Lacked link to FMS
• Technical requirement for updating
MapRoad PMS – RoadWorks Licensing
Business Process Improvement Exercise
Agreed Business Processes
Single On-Line System for the Sector
A consistent approach to roads related licensing and
workflow management for local authorities
• A consistent approach to roads related licensing for
MapRoad PMS – RoadWorks Licensing
• A centralised website for the management of roads
related licensing
• Users do not have to install software or systems
• Integration with MapRoadPMS
– Planned Works
– History of Works
• GIS Component
MapRoad PMS – RoadWorks Licensing
• Hosting Infrastructure in place - June
• Pilot(s) – Start July
• Phased Implementation
• Dependencies on charging/payment policies
• Will require up to-date data in MapRoadPMS
MapRoad PMS – RoadWorks Licensing
MapRoad PMS – RoadWorks Licensing
Contact Details
Peter Burke – LGMA
Paul Fox – LGMA