PowerPoint Presentation - Concord Baptist Church

The Greatest Invitation
Matthew 7:13-14
The End of a Great Sermon
• Four warnings:
– Two ways; two trees; two claims; two
– Two gates and roads; two types of prophets;
two kinds of disciples; two foundations
Two Gates
• Narrow - restrictive
• Broad - very appealing in this life
• Jesus invites us to enter the
narrow gate
Two Roads
• Two Ways To Live
– The Broad Road - the easy road of this
– The road of “I Did It My Way”
Two Roads
• The Narrow Road
• “Only a few find it”
• Often hard - thlipsis
Two Destinations
• Broad Road of Destruction
– Apoleia - eternal destruction
– It is to end up outside the kingdom
Revelation 22:15
Two Destinations
• Narrow Road of Life
– It begins here and ends up in a glorious
kingdom (Rev. 22:14)