Workshop on

System & Software Maintenance

Conducted by:

UAE Exchange - IT Department , India.


Discussion on system configuration and maintenance

• How to install FS site in PCs and Laptops ?

• How to install BIONET Attendance marking hardware and software ?

• How to install Antivirus software and run it periodically ?

• How to clean unwanted files from PC’s hard disk ?

• How to do disk defragmentation ?

• How to configure email id and maintain email software ?

Discussion on our web applications

• Foreign Exchange

• Travel and Tours

• Loans

• FS Mart

• FA

FS Website installation

• and

• Access only from those PCs or Laptops that are authorized by AO Purchase.

How to Install ?

 visit

 Click the link ‘FS SITE’ and save the zip file to desktop.

 Unzip the file to desktop and run the file zones.exe

How to get approval ?

 Login to fs site and If “Invalid MAC ID” message is shown, forward the error screen shot with system serial number to and get the

MAC-ID registered.

How to access FS site using Data Card ?

 Send request mail to

with cc to

and get approval.

BIONET attendance marking system installation

How to install ?

 Visit

 Click the link ‘Bionet’ and save the zip file to desktop.

 Unzip the file to desktop and run the file.

Common problems:


Shows a message ‘Path access denied : Right click on bionet.exe > select “ Properties ”-

> select “ compatibility and privilege level ” -> Tick on Run this program as administrator-



Darkness : Start menu-> run-> venus.ini -> change brightness as 40 and contrast as 20

In Win 7 , we have to give full permission to file and do the above step.

3. Error in Capturing image : Check the device whether it is working or plug in to other port & computer


The page is looking unavailable : Check Proxy Settings of browser and enable ‘use proxy in bionet email settings page.


Run time error : Run as administrator , install the driver again.


SMTP error : install the driver again.


Employee not found : contact AO-HR, enable option to Modify and re-register finger .

Antivirus software Installation and maintenance

How to install Microsoft Security Essentials (MSE) ?

 Visit the link

 Click on ‘get it now’.

 Select your version of operating system under English

 Click on download.

 Double click on downloaded file to install.

How to set scheduled scanning and update ?

 After installation, open MSE and set the following in settings tab.

• Tick ‘Run a scheduled scan on my PC’

• Choose Scan Type as ‘Quick Scan’

• Choose ‘Daily’

• Set Time around ‘2:00 PM’

• Tick ‘Check for latest virus and spyware definitions before running scan’

• Limit CPU usage during scanning to 30%.

Cleaning unwanted files from PC’s hard disk

Disk Cleanup application in Windows.

 To access it, go to My Computer > right click on c drive > Select properties

 Click on ‘Disk Cleanup’ button

 Select all options in that box and click ‘cleanup system files’ and click on OK.

Ccleaner Application

 Visit the link

 Download and install the setup file.

 Open the program, check all the options on the Left Hand side window.

 Click on ‘run cleaner’ and wait till the cleaning process is over.

 Once it is over close the program

PC Disk Defragmentation

What is the purpose ?

 Files are stored in the hard disk in a scattered manner during course of time.

 The defragmenter will rearrange the order in which the files in an efficient manner thus improves the speed of PC.

 So regular defragmentation increases the performance of PC.

How to do ?

 Go to My Computer > right click on c :/ drive > Select properties

 Go to Tools> defragment Now

 Select Defragment and leave the computer as it is without much activities.

 Once done, repeat for other drives as well.

Configuring and maintaining Emails

How to create a new email id ?

 Send a request mail to

and cc to


and get approval.

How to reset email id password ?

 Send a request mail to

with cc to

for another official branch id.

How to set Signature ?

 Save the following sample signature file ( IE -> File Menu -> Save As HTML )

 Right click on the file in the desktop and ‘open with’ Notepad.



 Use the file as signature file in mail client

Configuring and maintaining Emails (Continuation)

How to configure email id to a client ?

 Incoming and out going server is

 Out going server requires authentication

 Out going server uses same settings as your incoming mails.

 Mails are added from either > tools> accounts in outlook/outlook express

 Or from options> email accounts in windows live mail.

Points to remember:

 Configuration of same email id in multiple PCs are not allowed as email may get downloaded in an unexpected manner.

 ‘Keep server copy’ is not allowed as data gets deleted once aged 20 days.

 Attachments must be within 3MB per mail and send screen shots in JPG format .

Common Issues

Clear cookies and temp files in IE?

 Open Internet explorer > go to tools> Internet options

 In ‘General’ tab, under browsing history click on 'Delete'

 Check all entries in the resultant window and click on 'Delete'

Common Issues

Slow system?

Make sure that at-least 20 % of the total space in C drive is free.

Hard disk should be partitioned in such a way that c drive have maximum space

At least 1 GB RAM is there in the system

IE Version should be at least 7 or above(Can check by opening IE> help > about

Internet explorer

Printing Issues/ PDF Generating issues?

Pop Up should be disabled : can disable by going to

IE> tools> Pop Up blocker >Turn off Pop Up blocker

Upgrade IE

Up gradation can be done by visiting

Common Issues

Screen shot?

Every body ask to send screen shot.. But how?

 Press ‘prtscn/sysrq’ in key board.

 What ever your screen is showing will be copied.

 Open paint (start> program> accessories> paint)

 Click on ‘edit’ and then paste.

 Go to file > save as > choose save as type as ‘JPEG’, give a logical name to the file and click on save.

Points to remember while contacting AO IT

Primary contact email address:

Always send errors with Screen shots.

Always read the error messages and contact those respective department. (If it says contact AOHR contact HR and so on…)

Queries are to be from uaeexchange ID, else will not be honored.

Always give correct and complete information including the project in which error occurred, screen, values you entered, when contacting AO.

Official Signature is mandatory in email. This enables AO to call back in case of clarifications solicited.

Common Issues in Projects

Foreign Exchange

Forex Rates not Loading :

Open internet explorer  tools  internet option  security  double click on trusted sites  custom level  java permission  select disable java option  apply  ok

For IE10 : Go to 'Tools  Compatibility View Settings’  Enable the option 'Display all websites in Compatibility mode‘

Advance saved in FA not showing in FE :

 Advance receipt for FCDD sale entered through ‘Advance for Forex Sale’ screen and vice versa.

 The branch’s unclear balance exceeded the credit limit. So advance will be shown in FE after clearance. ( FA Reports > Branch exposure Report as on previous day )

Shows a message ‘Round Off amount not tallied’ while saving :

 Clear the cookies/ offline contents/ History of the browser and try again. If issue persists, run Ccleaner and try again.

To remap advance voucher of a sale booking authorized by HO/Auditor before acceptance:

 Reject the booking authorization ( booking won’t get cancelled )

 Click on the advance voucher in the Outstanding txns screen in advanced login

 Remap the voucher and get the booking approved by HO / Auditor

Foreign Exchange ( Continuation )

How to discard TCs ?

 Contact AO-Forex and the same will be discarded from their side.

Money Transfer

Receiver details showing different in FS site and XM site

 Send the correct Customer code and the XPIN to AO-Accounts. They will update the same from their login.


Error: You can’t put a fresh enquiry :

Reason: There may be pending quotations to accept.

Solution: If Branch is having pending Quotations to accept the system will not allow to put new entries.In this case service branch has to accept the pending quotations so that this lock will be released .

Error: Your Branch has been disabled. Please contact AO:

If the dues are not cleared in time,the Branch may be diabled from AO. In this case contact

AO Travel for releasing the Lock.

Error: Chq No. 123456 is invalid for Branch .

Please enter a valid cheque num: Branch may have entered a wrong check no. Best solution is to cancel the entry and put a new entry. Otherwise please contact AO accounts and AO



Gold Loan

 While Releasing Loan need to Verify Customer Details ,Loan No: &

Amount Entered.

 While Part Payment need to Verify Customer Details ,Loan No: & Amount


 SMS Token no: Not Received

 Proper Reading of Alerts & Confirmation Messages Showing in System

 Proper Awareness on System Updates/NewsLetters

Vehicle Loan

 Verify the Customer Details & Loan No Before EMI Recovery

 Dealer Account Details Updation

 ECS Option & Customer Bank Details Updation

 EMI Recovery Mode Cash/Bank Updation

 Uploading Documents


 DMTS Option for Sub Agents Based on Advance through our portal


Reports  Month Wise Budget & Expense

Happenings- 2012

IT Department -India was awarded with ISO 27001: 2005 on March

2012 .

API integrated Forex rate loading implemented in Forex Application with SWING Technology.

Separate website for subagent “FS MART” introduced with a concept of all Online products in a single basket

XPAY, the virtual prepaid card system accepts school fees and exam fees.

Centralised Online payments to customers bank account directly from

HO for all type of refunds and funding.

Full fledged Tour application “Xplore”, integrated with travel application.

Variety of payment options including Diners card & AMEX integrated to B to C website

Paperless environment where by all application will accept document to upload and keep it as soft copy except for RBI mandated documents.

Events & happenings tracking system, Employee & customer survey application, Business development Activities tracking and Ranking system, Success story video streaming application

Coming Soon….

Upcoming projects for 2013

Online flight ticket booking and issuance through hand held device.

Foreign Currency rates & booking through hand held device.

API Integrated Online hotel room booking in our travel application.

API Integrated Air India express air ticket issuance in travel website.

Gold loan interest payment & Vehicle loan unpaid EMI through website/mobile with payment gateway and net banking facility.

API Integrated KSRTC bus ticket issuance through travel website.

All application in FS site (B To B) will be made available in registered mobile phones on roles based access.

All FS application in open source OS platform and other browsers.

Average of Rs. 6000 spend on OS can be reduced per pc


REACH 2014


Centralised CRM where one customer entry will reflect in all 32 application running for FS.

Cross selling across application, Business development by giving leads and information

Complete customer history in a click







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