Delivering the Measures – Scott Murray, Head of Energy, Kier

Presentation to
RETA Event
Kier Services – Maintenance (Energy)
Date: 25th April 2013
Scott Murray – Head of Energy
Kier Group is a leading construction, services and property group specialising in:
Building and civil engineering
Support services
Public and private house building
Property development and structured property financing
Kier employ employs over 10,000 people worldwide and has an annual revenue of £2.1bn.
Kier Services – Maintenance (Energy)
Kier Energy Offer:
Specialist ‘Energy Team’
National coverage
Large client base
We design, procure, install and
maintain energy solutions, delivering
reductions in energy bills and carbon
Scape National Minor Works
Runs to September 2015
Designed to deliver all public
sector projects up to £2m
Ideally suited to rapid delivery
of programmes of small works,
where there is a known need
for building work
Coventry City Council (DECC)
Project Programme
Delivery Strategy
Kier Delivery Strategy:
Local employment and skills
through RETA
Robust compliance
Consideration of customer
H&S management
Key Success Factors
Deliver in line with ECO
principles and standards
Quality/ customer satisfaction
Maximum value for money
Next Steps