Capital developments at SFX parents briefing

Welcome and introductions
 Jabu Chowdhury – Project Manager, Liverpool Schools
Investment Programme, Liverpool City Council
 Barry Landrum – Regional Design Manager, Kier
 Building Schools for the Future (BSF)
 Cancellation of Wave 6 BSF June 2010
 Advent of Liverpool Schools Investment Programme
with Mayoral financial support
Recent Capital Improvements to
main building
New roof
New double glazed windows to classrooms and Hall
New boiler
New external doors
Installation of lift
New lighting and ceilings in classrooms and corridors
New fire doors
Partial replacement of classroom doors
New floor coverings in corridors and back of Hall
Provision of new female and disabled toilets near entrance
Conversion of former kitchen into Inclusion Centre
Other recent capital improvements
 Physiotherapy room in Warner Building
 Refurbishment of changing rooms – Upper Pavilion
and near Gym
 Demolition of swimming pool (roof condemned) and
construction of floodlit MUGA
Funding sources for such
 Central Govt re Warner and 6th Form Building as a
Grant Maintained School (1990s)
 Liverpool City Council as a Foundation School
 DfE grants via Academy status
 School budget
Further needs
New Science Laboratories
New Music Suite
A Sports Hall
Improved segregation between vehicles and pupils
Improved access to the school site for vehicles
New reception area with ability to control external public
access to site
Completion of any refurbishment of Main building (eg new
room heaters and some classroom doors)
Food Technology provision
New pupil toilets
The end of the mobiles!!!!
Capital Plan – Phase 1 (Spring 2014
- Autumn 2014)
 New vehicle access via Woolton Hill Road leading onto
a car park on what is currently Y7 yard
Capital Plan – Phase 1a (Autumn
2014 - Summer 2015)
 Construction of new 3 storey Science Block at right
angles to Main Building connecting near staircase next
to Reception – using part of front yard
 Continued refurbishment of Main Building over
Summer Holidays
 Y10/11 yard will transfer to existing car park and Y7 to
front yard not being used for Science Block
Capital Plan – Phase 2 (Summer
2015-Autumn 2016)
 Demolition of existing gym and Science Labs near Year 7
Construction of Sports Hall with changing facilities, fitness
suite and PE classroom between MUGA and rear of Hall.
Provision of 3G facility on field near existing lower yard
Construction of new admin block (reception, meeting
rooms) and Music Suite on site of former Science Labs
Construction of new link between the admin block and
rest of school
Continued refurbishment including new pupil toilets, food
technology room, Chaplaincy Room and Performing Arts
Removal of mobiles at end of construction period
Points to note
 This is a development for SFX on its own – school will
continue as Catholic institution with boys provision
(11-16) and mixed sixth form as now. School will
continue as an Academy under trusteeship of De la
Mennais Brothers.
 It will not involve any amalgamation with another
school and there will be no change to pupil intake
 Sixth form arrangements in terms of student access to
courses at 6th forms in other schools will continue just
as now.
What happens next?
 Leadership Team and governors are working closely with
the council, construction company and the design team.
Staff and student involvement in design process
 Planning arrangements being dealt with by LCC & Kier –
public consultation meeting later in January organised by
LCC & Kier
 Logistical arrangements being planned so that pupil
education is not disrupted (we are experienced in this
given developments which have taken place in the past)
 We will keep you informed of developments via website
and newsletters
 This represents a huge opportunity for the College and
its pupils (present and future)
 We are being able to maintain our identity, preserve
the best of the “old school” and have brand new
facilities where needed
 We are extremely grateful to the Mayor and LCC for
their hard work in putting the Liverpool Schools
Investment Programme into place and are very
appreciative of our inclusion within the programme