Response from Bromford

Are the bolted in litter bins
going to be replaced (on the
Green and the play areas)
Are the bolted in litter bins
going to be emptied (on the
green and the play areas)
No dog waste bins
2 x block of flats on the
development - communal
area / carpets filthy and
stained (feathers drive and
Par Four Lane Block C)
Undersized Radiators
Gardens Flooding
Lack of public transport
Responsibility currently sits with Kier until a
Management Company is established.
However the local Housing Manager has discussed this
issue with Forest of Dean Council (Telephone 01594
810000 [email protected]). The Local
Authority have advised us that they will replace the
current bins with newer, larger bins which they will
empty, provided separate dog waste bins are installed
by Kier.
As above
The Local Authority will not take responsibility for the
dog waste bins (as these were not included in the
planning submission).
Kiers (0121 713 6327) are responsible for installing
dog waste bins throughout the scheme. Responsibility
for emptying will subsequently pass to the
Management Company.
We accept that there is some staining to the communal
carpets. We understand that his has been caused by
residents walking mud into the building after going
outside to top up their meters. Over the next 6-8
months we hope to fund a scheme improvement where
slabs will be laid so residents do not get muddy feet.
Provided we are able to do this we will subsequently
arrange to have the carpets cleaned.
I can confirm that all customers who have raised a
concern to Bromford regarding undersized radiators
have had their central heating systems inspected. I am
unable to discuss specific properties however I can
confirm that we have corresponded with our customers
directly to verify the outcome and what, if any, action
will be taken.
All properties that have raised an issue regarding their
gardens have been inspected and remedial actions
reported directly to Kier. I can not confirm any
specific’s regarding individual properties but can
confirm that we are committed to getting this rectified
for our customers.
We understand that MMC Land and Regeneration
Can we carpet all new
Could we have a scheme to
pay back a loan through
helping out with
neighbourhood projects
such as street level garden
Plans changed during phase
1 - Did we objected to the
plans for this house built
yards away from a living
room - plot 92 next to block
Damp and mould
Block C - water running
down the walls - guttering
Street signs- Feathers Drive
(MMC) varied the planning condition to delay
provision of the bus route. We did object in writing (on
behalf of our residents) at the time but are limited in
what more we can do. We would suggest that The
Residents Group need to be lobbying Kier (0121 713
6327) and also making representation to the Town
Council (Jayne
Smailes [email protected] 01594
842234) and Planning Department at Forest of Dean
District Council (Telephone 01594 810000
or [email protected]).
This is not something we offer in our rented
accommodation and is no longer provided for shared
ownership customers. There would be cost
implications to the business if we adopted this for all
new homes.
Customers have their own preferences too and
laminate flooring would be one of them. Paul Taylor
has offered to bring this into the lab with Oakdale
Links support. We would, however, really need to
understand the benefits for our customers.
We do not offer loans however there are local schemes
which can help. The Gloucestershire Credit Union
offers cheap loans and Oakdale Links could consider
promoting this. We would also be very happy to talk to
the Residents Group about how they can promote
Gloucestershire Fair Shares – this is a Time Bank
scheme where people donate their time to help a fellow
resident with a job in return for help with something
they personally struggle with.
Unfortunately Bromford were not consulted on the
planning application. We would recommend you
contact Kier (0121 713 6327).
We have no information regarding specific properties
that have damp or mould. To enable us to investigate
this further please encourage customers to contact us
We understand this has been rectified. If not can you
please confirm the specific address you are referring
Roads have not yet been adopted by the Highways
Department at Gloucestershire County Council so this
is Kiers (0121 713 6327) responsibility. We have
raised this concern with Kier directly. They have
Ambulance Service getting
Map at the entrance to
Work with Google and to
update their maps (and other
SAT NAV systems)
Problems with Toilets
Incomplete Pavements with
no lighting
No speed limits on approach
or on estate
Dense on Road Parking
No Top surface on the road
No community facilities
Art projects for the
communal areas
agreed to look into it and order the required signage.
Relevant agencies have been advised of the addresses
and postcodes of all homes on the development.
Unfortunately we have no influence as to how often
they update their records.
The local Housing Manager has contacted Kier and the
Town Council to push for this. We recommend that if
the Residents Group feels strongly about this then you
also need to be talking to Gloucestershire Highways,
Kier (0121 713 6327) and the Town Council directly
(Jayne [email protected] 01594
All relevant agencies will have been advised of the
addresses and postcodes of all homes on the
development. Unfortunately we have no influence as to
how often they update their records.
All issues which we have been made aware of have
been resolved by Kier. If anyone is still having
problems please encourage them to contact us directly.
MMC and Kier (0121 713 6327) are responsible for
pavements. We will, however, obtain an update on
when completion can be expected.
This is a Gloucestershire County Council Highways
issue (Tel 01452 425 662 or
[email protected]) We would
recommend that Oakdale Links try speaking to the
Highways Agency directly through the Road Safety
Group you are a member of.
Parking on new developments is always a concern. We
do, however, believe that provision for Bromford
homes is adequate with an average of 2 spaces per
This won't be done by Kier until the roads throughout
the development are completed and all building work
is finished to avoid damage to the surface by
construction traffic. This is standard practice on all
new developments.
There were no community facilities included within
the planning application; your solicitor at purchase
would have been able to advise you on this.
The scheme is in Lydney which has the usual facilities
you'd expect in a small market town. In addition a new
supermarket is planned nearby.
We would be interested in further clarity from you as
to what you are suggesting as art on the walls can get
broken or damaged. Having said that if Oakdale Links
wanted to work with local residents to organise a
Weeds in tenants car parks
Windows broken by internal
pressure on the double
glazing - Boating Lake
Our Local Planning
Authority, The Forest of
Dean District Council and
Gloucestershire County
Council have agreed that the
access road to the
development will also be the
only access to a major
Supermarket development
without separation of traffic
and without considering the
environmental impact. The
re-routed FLY 86 follows
the main arterial road into
the development and the
supermarket site.
gardening competition for example our local Housing
Manager could support with this. Categories could
include best front garden, best hanging baskets etc.
The local Housing Manager is aware of this and has
raised with our Gardening Team who will spray the
weeds within the next few weeks (weather permitting)
We have only been made aware of one broken window
which was subsequently repaired. If any customer is
having a problem with a window please tell them to
contact us directly and we will be more than happy to
We are aware that access was always intended to serve
the adjacent land. If residents are not happy they need
to be lobbying the local Planning Department.
A48 has no footpath, 60
mph limit, dangerous
getting from the estate onto
the A48
Footpath to Cambourne
Way from the new Boating
Lake Lane has not been
Old guard hut which was
left in a dilapidated and
dangerous state.
The Road Safety Group is the correct platform to
lobby Kier (0121 713 6327) and Gloucestershire
Highways. I believe you are already a member of this
MMC / Kier (0121 713 6327) issue as the land will
become adopted.
Play areas are incomplete
MMC/Kier (0121 713 6327) they have responsibility
for the play areas. We have inspected and are not
entirely sure what remains incomplete. Can you please
If you can help us identify which tree is being referred
to we will investigate further as to why it was retained
when the scheme was developed. Once we know the
Danger from large branches
of the ancient oak
MMC own this land. We have asked them to look into
this as a possible Health and Safety concern.
trees that overhang it and
the consequent leaf drop
that is never cleared up
Demolished cottage,
completely accessible by
children and other members
of the public. None of the
rubble from this demolition
was ever removed and is
now covered in weeds,
making it even more
location we can establish if there is a Tree Preservation
Order in place.
When new houses became
occupied in Par Four Lane,
we were astonished and
concerned to find that a mud
bank, as high as the first
storey, was left completely
instable directly opposite
these houses. We raised the
matter with the FoDDC and
also with MMC, so they did
then put in some Herras
fencing, but would that
really be enough to stop a
This was most likely spoil for other parts of the site..
Kier have all Heath & Safety responsibility for this and
appropriate procedures would be in place. If further
reassurance is required we would suggest Oakdale
Links speak to Kier (0121 713 6327) directly for
confirmation of their procedures.
Mature trees around the site
in back gardens have died as
a result of the compacted
clay soil and turf has only
lasted one season in many
One customer with an
exploding boiler
Children dispersed at
different schools
The Local Housing Manager has arranged for one tree
to be removed but is not aware of any other dead trees.
More information re specific locations is required so
that we can investigate further. Private owners will
need to raise concerns directly with Kier (0121 713
We are unaware of any problem with a boiler. Please
could you supply more information?
We understand the allocation of school places sits with
the Local Education
There were no community facilities included within
the planning application. This information would have
been available to you via your solicitor at purchase.
Individuals, families and
people with disabilities have
poor access to schools,
community centres, shops
and health facilities
Road Gritting – What
MMC own the land. We will raise this directly with
them to investigate. However we understand the area is
fenced off and don’t believe that there is a danger to
passing pedestrians only to those that trespass on the
The scheme is in Lydney which has the usual facilities
you'd expect in a small market town. In addition a new
supermarket is planned nearby.
Until the road is adopted Kier (0121 713 6327) will be
happens if the roads are not
yet adopted
10 ft crack in the outside
We have no record of this being reported. Would you
please provide us with more information?