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What is Economic Development?

There are many characteristics to consider when looking at Qatar’s economic development. Some characteristics of a sound economic management are based on a constant and agreeable rate of economic growth (Qatar: 16.3 in comparison to

United Kingdom: 0.2). This results in a high standard of living for the current generation and for the future generations. Economic stability is also accompanied through a good financial policy as well as an efficient financial system. A business environment capable of attracting foreign investors and national investments also help to further expand Qatar’s economic development.

Based on the richness of national resources such as oil and gas, Qatar plans to have other revenues other than oil and gas exports. Another factor in

Qatar’s exploitation of gas industry is to provide clean energy for the country and the world.

Another characteristic in Qatar’s plan towards economic development is to develop a suitable economic variation, meaning expansions of its services and industries, and above all, a knowledgeable economy characterized by innovation, excellent education, and a liable government.

How is Human Development similar to Economic Development?

Human Development is similar to Economic

Development in many ways. Firstly, in order to achieve a ‘world-class educational system’ Qatar needs a sufficient amount of money to pay for the expenses and also maintain a stable economic structure. Therefore most of Qatar’s Human

Development Plan for 2030 depends on the economic factor of the Plan as well. In the same way the Economic Plan of 2030 also depends on Human

Development Plan of 2030. Take for example the fact that Qatar would need an educated population to continue to maintain their growing economy and concepts to attract foreign investors and compete in the global market. Another connection between

Economic Development and Human Development is a healthy population which can only be obtained through modern technological equipment and that can only be obtained by having a stable and prosperous economy.

FIFA 2022 & it’s impact on the economy

By hosting the World Cup in Qatar, the state would no longer be called a Muslim state as Qatar would have to acknowledge alcohol in the country and possibly in the stadiums as well.

Allowing alcohol would also invite new sponsors like FIFA’s

Budweiser sponsorship. FIFA was able to genrate $1.1 billion in the marketing income during the South Africa world cup in

2010. This may also help extend Qatar’s economy to a higher growth. According to Morison Menon, Qatar’s government planned to spend around $100 billion, nearly 87% of 2010’s

GDP prior to FIFA’s announcement. They planned to spend the money on infrastructure projects as part of Qatar’s 2030 vision. As one can see the expenditure is a lot and therefore affects an increase in economic growth as well as another sector surging Qatar’s economic growth. By hosting the world cup Qatar will have to cope with the flow of tourists and have to spend money for a metro line and the Bahrain-Qatar causeway. Qatar will gradually have a boost in it’s sports facilities and hotel facilities which will affect the economy as an income factor or variable. Hosting the world cup is also expected to increase it’s flow of FDI (Foreign Direct

Investment), another goal in Qatar’s 2030 plan.

Qatar 2022 and Economic


Qatar would have accomplished their goals in the 2030 plan by hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup. By hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Qatar’s business climate would attract international investors as well as encourage national investors because more foreigners will visit Qatar and the percentage of tourists will continue to increase. Qatar’s economic structure would also make an attempt to compete in the world market as it’s economy continues to rise. The living conditions will continue to increase for future generations as it’s GDP continues to arise with the help of hosting the world cup. The exports of oil and gas will continue to be exported but a balance will be formed as different sources of income besides oil and gas are made (example: income with the tourist sector because of the 2022 world cup will also lead to an increase in customers that will stay at the hotel, or even education; Education City), all which is supposed to be completed before 2030. As one can see Qatar would have nearly completed some of it’s economic goal in it’s 2030 plan by hosting the 2022 FIFA World

Cup. Qatar’s natural gas reserve which is around 25,790 billion cubic meters as of 2007. It is currently the fifth country with the highest gas reserve. 8.5% of the world’s gas reserve belongs to Qatar. As a result this could guarantee it’s 2030 plan if other economic factors don’t affect the outcome of the 2030 plan.


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