Leisure Group

Your comfort our priority
To add value to your precious assets
and as much leisure to make it a
experience to last a life time.
Sales and Marketing Consultancy
 Brokerage
 Hospitality
 Labor Camps
 Real Estate
 Manpower consultancy.
We have done the research and the footwork for you. The Leisure Group
based out of Qatar is an upcoming organization featuring simply the finest
in hospitality facilities, real estate, travel & tourism and labour services.
This most comprehensive list covers the entire category from hotel
apartments, commercial and residential real estate, labour camps and
manpower consultancy to suit all levels of requirements from anyone
travelling to Qatar along with people/corporates located in Qatar.
Services that qualify from our list are more than just excellent as they
exceed in all categories such as, Accommodations, offices, labour camps &
travel advices designed just for You besides being located conveniently in
and around the heart of Doha.
We are fully aware of what the truly discerning traveller/customer requires
and expects from a company such as ours and we constantly strive to cater to
all your wishes. Services we offer are for those who seek and expect the very
*Rest assured every single service listed with us represents the very finest
available in the given location. The Leisure Group sets itself apart from the
rest by providing you the best rates, packages, offers and services that
defines what leisure would mean to you.