DSC Training - Environment, Health & Safety

DSC Training
January 26, 2012
Rich Belmontez
EH&S Training Manager
rbelmontez@ucsd.edu, x25974
Fire & Life Safety Division
Brian Heyman, DCFM
Interim Fire Marshal
X43659, bheyman@ucsd.edu
FLS Staff
• Brian Heyman, DCFM
o Interim Campus Fire Marshal
• Michael Puckett, Deputy Fire Marshal
o Plan Review
• Pete Olmos, Fire Inspector
o Facility fire inspection
The prevention of fire and panic in Campus
facilities through Engineering, Enforcement
and Education
Title 24 Program
In reference to CA Code of Regulations encompassing
State building, plumbing, mechanical, electrical and fire
• Plan and construction review
o Capital Projects by Facilities Design & Construction
o Renovation & Alteration projects by Facilities Management, et. al
Title 19 Program
In reference to public safety or State Fire Marshal
• Inspections of fire protection systems in
existing buildings for compliance with fire and
building code
o fire sprinklers
o standpipes
o alarms
• Collaborate with EH&S staff and others to provide
fire prevention and fire safety training to Campus
community at large when requested
o Hot Work & Fire Watch Training
• Hands-on live fire extinguisher training
o Fire Extinguisher Training II
• eCourse on safe and effective use of portable fire
extinguishers in development
• Partner with allied safety professionals &
others on campus to leverage inspection
• Support of FM in removal of combustible
storage & other materials from “CORE” mech,
elect, plumbing spaces in laboratory buildings
• Paperless Title 19 fire inspection process using
hand-held computers in field
Brian Heyman, DCFM
Interim Campus Fire Marshal
EH&S/Fire & Life Safety
(858)534-3659 Office
(858)688-1381 Cell
• Brian Heyman, Campus Fire Marshal
o UCSD Fire & Life Safety Programs
 Systems
 Fire extinguisher training
 What you can do
• OSHA 300 Log
o Notice to Employees - Injuries Caused by Work Poster
o OSHA 300 Log posters: 2011, 2010, 2009
• New Emergency Guides
o Department Emergency Action Plan tab
o Utility Failure tab
o Tsunami alert or warning tab
• UC Learning Center
o Navigation/How to Use
o Selecting your “Manager”
• NEW- Field Operational Planner
OSHA 300 Log
OSHA 300 Log (2011)
OSHA 300 Log (2010)
OSHA 300 Log (2009)
Notice to Employees-Injuries Caused By Work
Department IIPP File
… the following records will be kept on file in the department for at least the length of
time indicated below:
Copies of all IIPP Safety Inspection forms. Retain 5 years.
Copies of all Hazard Identification forms. Retain 5 years.
Copies of all Accident Investigation forms. Retain 5 years.
Copies of all Employee training documents. Retain for duration of each individual's
employment. UC Learning Center provides access to an employee's training transcript,
listing courses registered for and completed via UCLC.
Copies of all safety postings and safety meeting agendas. Retain 5 years.
Copies of the Annual Accident Statistic Summaries. Retain 5 years.
Copies of employee exposure records, registered carcinogen records, or other
required employee health and safety records. Retain 30 years or for the duration of each
individual's employment if greater than 30 years.
The department will ensure that these records are kept in their files, and present them
to Cal/OSHA or other regulatory agency representatives if requested.
New Emergency Guides
UC Learning Center
• How To: The Basics
o Find an instructor-led class
o Find an eCourse
o Select your manager
• SkillSoft eContent
• Custom classes
• Safety Training by Work Group
o Required
o Recommended
Field Operational Planner