PSIGEN PSI:Capture - UpFlow APAC Distributor – Business

Presented By: Steven Chenery
Chief Executive Officer
Who is PSIGEN?
Founded 1995
Initially focused on service bureaus
Global Distribution
Mature capture company
Innovative Capture
Focus on Automation
Integration with 56 ECM systems
Who uses PSIGEN products?
• The typical service bureau cost per page is
3 cents per page.
• A PSIGEN Service Bureau is
1 cent per page.
Why PSI:Capture
“Our workflow process is much more streamlined and efficient. Manual
processing is reduced and the ability to match and merge data on the fly has
greatly reduced our need for administration of projects. Image quality is
improved and general image processing much easier.”
-Mountain States Imaging – 38 PSI:Capture Stations
“…Stria’s processing costs have significantly decreased since implementing
the PSI:Capture system.”
-Stria – 24 PSI:Capture Stations
“PSI:Capture has provided a serious advantage in pricing. With such low
labor costs, I can be extremely competitive, and still maintain incredible
-Guardian Document Imaging – 8 PSI:Capture Stations
Why PSI:Capture
Service Bureau roots
Simple configuration
Efficiency and Automation
Features to drive new business
Service Bureau Roots
App Built by Service Bureau Experts
• Built and tested in Service Bureau
• 70 % of new features are provided from
Service Bureau base to improve efficiency and
increase profits
• Efficiency and automation reviews done by
service bureau partners
• Flexible licensing with Unlimited model and
project based volume counts
Keystrokes Destroy Profit
• Focus on smooth capture workflow
• Eliminate rescans/reprocessing whenever
• Hotkeys, and elimination of unnecessary
keystrokes are a major focus
Simple Configuration
Document Type Templates
Copy, Import and Export
Apply Changes to Existing Batches
Feature Rich
• Template configuration import allows for easy
configuration building
• 9 step wizard for Document Types
• Deep feature set eliminates costly scripting
and custom development for complex jobs
• Scripting is available to extend functionality if
Automation and Efficiency
Automate Tasks Through Features
• Advanced Data Extraction (ADE) – provides
extraction of data through expression
• Auto-import allows for automated processing
of folders and files
Automated Exceptions Processing
• Full exceptions processing system provides for
focused validation with minimal effort
The Capture Equation
Supported Migrations
▪ Document Server (Alchemy)
▪ eDocs (Hummingbird)
▪ Content Server (Live Link)
▪ Fax Server (Rightfax )
PSI:Capture Technology Architecture
• Developed on latest technology platform
– Microsoft .Net Framework
– C#
– Embedded SQL
• Fast, fast, fast
• Extendable
• Rapid development
PSI:Capture Architecture
• Reduce costs through automation and process
• Reduce setup time
• Flexible
• Scalable