Power Point: Why Join Beta Alpha Psi?

Beta Alpha Psi
Boise State University
Chapter #161
Why Beta Alpha Psi?
Provide an inclusive environment to foster
member development, while being engaged and
active leaders that impact the community.
Develop and Challenge Yourself:
Beta Alpha Psi
Do you know?
•Public vs. Corporate Accounting
•Nonprofit and Governmental Accounting
•Tax vs. Audit
•CPA License
•Recruiting Season
•COBE – Paths for accounting Students
•How many credits you need
•Professional Reputation
Beta Alpha Psi
Achieving Our Goals
•Weekly meetings
•Network with professionals, faculty, and alumni.
Beta Alpha Psi
Achieving Our Goals
•Meaningful projects
•Host several events
•Service activities
Beta Alpha Psi
More Benefits!
•Insight into accounting profession
•More than a resume builder
•Communication skills
Beta Alpha Psi
Getting Started
300 level accounting, finance, or ITM class
3.0 GPA (or higher)
Attend 80% of meetings/ events
6 hours of service
$95 for new members, $35 for returning members
[email protected]
National website: Bap.org
Beta Alpha Psi