January 9 - Clean Cities Sacramento

Sacramento Clean Cities Stakeholder Meeting
Thursday, January 9th, 2014
777 12th Street, Suite 300
Sacramento, CA 95814
This meeting will feature Sedale Turbosky and Todd Trauman from CarbonBLU. They
will present CarbonBLU’s fleet emissions calculator, including the greenhouse gas
emissions calculator as a tool to help our fleets optimize their approach to
developing a sustainable fleet strategy.
CarbonBLU is a consulting team of engineering, environmental, and public health
executives that helps companies save money by evaluating all the options available
when considering reducing their emissions.
Audio participation:
1-646-307-1300 Code: 223787#
Note: Please mute your phone when not talking
Video Participation:
Note: You must minimize all the programs on your screen except “freescreensharing.com”
CarbonBLU was created as a compliment to our sister company
ECO, Inc. and formed with the support of Alternative Fuel
Advocates and The Grant Farm.
ECO, Inc. is the world's leading engine and vehicle emissions certification
consulting firm, specializing in certification management and regulatory
analysis for on-road and off-road engine, vehicle, and equipment
manufacturers. Composed of Mechanical Engineering Experts, Legal Advisors,
and Certification Specialists who work exclusively in the area of emissions
Currently certifies the majority of the market including major companies like
Westport, BAF, AAF, Icom, Bi-Phase Technologies, and CleanFuel USA, Power
Solutions International, and consult for several others.
Peter Ward established Alternative Fuels Advocates, LLC, upon retiring from the California Energy Commission, after
over 34 years. Peter was the Program Manager of the Alternative and Renewable Fuel and Vehicle Technology
Program, the $100 million per year (7.5 years) program to develop alternative fuels and advanced vehicle
technologies to reduce petroleum consumption and greenhouse gas emissions in California.
The Grant Farm specializes in developing and executing Public Fund Campaigns for entrepreneurs,
businesses, government agencies, and nonprofit organizations seeking public funding for their energy and
transportation projects.
Collectively, our senior team members have 45+ years of experience in public funding, strategic planning,
technical writing, and project advocacy. Since 1995, we have participated in raising more than $350 million
in funding for innovative renewable-energy, transportation, infrastructure, and conservation projects
What does fleet optimization mean?
Incentives and Programs
Grant Opportunities
There are many opportunities to develop
more involved alternative fuel projects.
Please direct general inquires to info@carbonblu.com
Technical Inquires
Todd Trauman
Sedale Turbovsky