Project Proposal: Automotive Emissions Testing

Project Proposal: Automotive Emissions Testing
We are proposing to develop a DSS to determine whether a given automobile
passes its emissions test. The decision is based on comparing the values reported from
the testing equipment to the established state emissions standards. By developing this
system we are attempting to remove human error from the decision whether an
automobile passes, as well as greatly increase the efficiency of the testing stations by
reducing the time needed to make the decision. A reduction in the time required to
complete the testing and evaluation increases the capacity of the current testing stations.
This increased capacity will save money because as the number of automobiles that need
to be tested increases, new testing stations won’t have to be built to meet the demand.
The inputs for the system will be measurements of: Hydrocarbons(HC), Carbon
Monoxide(CO), Oxides of Nitrogen(NOx), and Carbon Dioxide(CO2). All of the
measurements are in grams per mile. The standards set by the state will be stored in a
database on the computer for each type of vehicle. The outputs from the system will be a
pass/fail for each of the four tests, and an overall pass/fail. If the vehicle fails the test
then a due date is given for a retest after the vehicle is repaired.