Emissions Reduction Fund - small energy big future

Emissions Reduction Fund: small energy, big future
Companies with access to energy data on household and small business energy use, such as energy
retailers, can now participate in the Emissions Reduction Fund, with the release of the new
Aggregated Small Energy Users method. This new method incentivises the reduction of emissions
associated with electricity generation and fuel combustion, by encouraging energy users to save
money on their energy bills.
As a company, if you can offer to a large number of small energy users’ ways to reduce their energy
consumption, you may be eligible to register a project under the Aggregated Small Energy Users
method, and earn Australian carbon credit units for your emissions offsets.
Projects could involve facilitating changes directly, for example by installing new equipment, or
indirectly, by providing information to small energy users on the benefits of energy-saving
For example, as households and small businesses consume energy sourced from the grid and from
natural gas, you could consider a project that encourages small energy users to change space
heating and cooling settings or limiting their shower length to reduce hot water usage.
Other activities could include promoting the upgrade of equipment that uses energy such as
lighting, water heating, space heating and cooling, as well as appliances and whitegoods; and
changing building elements that influence energy use, like changes to the building shell such as
windows and insulation.
By registering a project and participating in the Emissions Reduction Fund, you could create income
while lowering your customer’s energy costs and greenhouse gas emissions.
The next step will be to consider how you will participate in the Emissions Reduction Fund, by
calculating the lowest cost at which it is worth your while to deliver the project.
Projects must meet qualification tests and be registered with the Clean Energy Regulator to be
eligible to participate in the auction. For more details about the Emissions Reduction Fund visit
GPO Box 621 Canberra ACT 2601
1300 553 542
[email protected]