Connected to ADM North American Processing

Corporate Capabilities
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The New Stratas Foods
• 50/50 joint venture between ADM and ACH
• Separate company/free standing
• Financial strength from parent companies
– ADM traded on the NYSE
– ABF (ACH parent) traded on the London Stock Exchange
• Largest packaged oil company in North America
• Over 200 years of combined experience
Founded 1902
Founded 1883
Connected to ADM North American Processing
Soybean Crush
Canola Processing
Flaxseed Processing
Sunflower Processing
Cottonseed Processing
Corn Processing
Peanut Processing
Logistics Enhanced by Multiple Plants
• Shortens freight distances across the country
– Minimizes “food miles” which is a sustainability goal
• Provides a secure source of supply
– Remaining plants can increase production during down
times at any single facility
Stratas Supply Chain
Sherway - Brampton, ON
Brampton, ON
Quincy, IL
Hillside, NJ
Decatur, IL
Fresno, CA
OHL - Edwardsville, IL
Memphis, TN
Valdosta, GA
Stratas Foods Manufacturing/Distribution
Distribution Center
Corporate Support Center
Oils & Fats Processed
Source Oils
• Soybean Oil
• Refining, bleaching, and
– Traditional, High-Oleic, and Low-Lin
• Canola Oil – Traditional & High-Oleic
• Hydrogenation
• Corn Oil
• Interesterification
• Cottonseed Oil
• Fractionation
• High-Oleic Sunflower
• Winterization
• Mid-Oleic Sunflower
• Blending
• Peanut
• Crystallization
• Palm Olein
• Flaking
• Palm Stearine
• Palm Kernel
• Coconut
Industry Leading Tech Center
• New centralized Tech Center provides best-in-class
venue for product testing
• Brings product development, QA, Analytical Testing,
and the Pilot Plant under a single roof
– Increases our overall lab space by about 30%
• Facilities on-site:
– Demonstration kitchen
– Fry lab
– Bakery lab
– Pilot Plant
– Analytical testing
The Experts in the Science of Fats & Oils
• 17 Research resources in our Tech Center
• Experts in the science of frying
– Chemistry of fats and oils
– Causes of frying oil breakdown
– Proper oil maintenance procedures, including filtering
• Deliver expert advice on fryer cleaning
• Continually testing Stratas frying oils, along with the
latest oilseed innovations
Risk Management Team
Key Managers
SVP – Risk Mgmt & Procurement
Ray Richard
Commodity Risk Director
Brian Owens
• Expertise in the fundamental and technical drivers of
commodity markets
– Stratas has its own economics staff and research team
– Dedicated to fulfilling market needs of many customers
• Integrated linkage with world-wide, full-service brokerage
– Offices in Chicago, London and Hong Kong
– Provides research support and streamlined execution
• Sophisticated understanding of the rules surrounding
hedge accounting
• Market guidance and information
Market Watch
Weekly “snapshot” of various oil markets. Summarizes crop and market
information in a format that’s quick and easy to understand.
Stratas Corporate Structure
Store Brands
• Frymax®
• Shortening
• Custom Label
• Custom Label
• Mazola ZT®
• Liquid Oil
• Packer Label
• Packer Label
• Whirl®
• Pan Spray
• Prep®
• Trisun®
• Sweetex®
• Fenix®
• Primex®
• Custom Blend®
• Nutex®
• Dritex®
• Mazola®
• Liquimix®
• Sterling®
• Nutri-Lipids
• Distributor Label
In Summary…
Stratas Foods is setting a new
standard for Customer Service and is
committed to providing the highest
quality edible oils in the food industry.