Sources of Fats and Oils pg 32

Sources of Fats and Oils
Fats and oils are produced
from three different
 Animal such as pigs, cows
and sheep.
 Vegetables such as wheat,
barley, oats, seeds, olives,
beans, some fruit such as
 Fish such as trout,
mackerel, salmon, herring.
Types of fat
 Fat is solid at room temperature.
 Oil is liquid at room temperature
 You should store fats in the fridge
to avoid melting
 Oils at room temperature as they
solidify in cold temperatures
 There is a demand for low fat or
reduced fat products, because fat is
high in calories. Some fat is needed
by the body ,but too much can
cause you to become overweight or
Types of fats and oils
Types of fats
 Soft margarine
 Hard margarine
 Dripping
 Lard
 Butter
 Low fat spread
 suet.
Types of oil
 Olive oil
 Rape seed oil
 Sesame seed oil
 Fish oils
 Sunflower oil
Functions of fat
 Add flavour in shortbread biscuits, cakes, breads, sauces, olive oil drizzled on
Adds texturebiscuits and pastries have a short texture because the flour
particles are coated in flour
Adds colourpastry and cakes
Aeratestraps air when creamed with sugar in cake mixtures
Extends shelf lifefat in baked products keeps them moist for longer.