How to use the
Everyday Oils safely?
This presentation only talks about
Young Living Essential Oil brand.
Lemon Safety
Avoid sun exposure
as it will cause
some skin
Cover up with a
long sleeved shirt
or avoid going
Lavender Safety
A very gentle oil
which can be used
NEAT meaning
For beginners,
smell might be too
strong so smell
the cap instead.
Peppermint Safety
May be used on
bottoms of child’s
feet but if they
are 18 mos. below,
direct inhaling
should be avoided.
Do not use on
sensitive parts of
the body. Even the
oil residue from
your hands are
still active.
Frankincense Safety
All essential oils
cannot be dripped
into the ears.
Frankincense if
used on face may
sting a bit.
Thieves Safety
Thieves contains
Cinnamon Bark
essential oil
which is very HOT!
Always have veg
oil on standby &
do not use water
to wash off oils.
PanAway Safety
PanAway contains
essential oil
which is very HOT!
Always have veg
oil on standby &
do not use water
to wash off oils.
Peace & Calming Safety
Peace & Calming
contains Orange
essential oil so
minimize sun
Orange is a citrus
oils and all
citrus oils are
photosensitive to
Purification Safety
essential oil
which is mildly
Use veg oil in
case skin is
sensitive. Other
options are butter
or cooking oil.
Valor Safety
Valor is a safe
blend with a
carrier oil of
almond oil.
Some people may be
allergic to nut
Joy Safety
Joy can be worn as
a perfume but the
aroma may be overempowering.
Use only 1 drop
and not too much
because the Ylang
Ylang may be too
Stress Away Safety
Stress Away
contains Lime
which is
It has other oils
mixture so it
should be safe.
Citrus oils are
They include Lemon
Lime Orange
Grapefruit &
Melaleuca alternifolia Safety
alternifolia is
also known as Tea
Tree essential
This essential oil
is relatively safe
like Lavender and
can be used neat
on skin.
Use glass not plastic
When using lemon essential oils in water,
use glass container or stainless steel.
Do not use plastic or styrofoam cups as they
will melt. Paper cup should be fine.
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It has been a pleasure sharing
Young Living Essential Oils
information with you.
Thank you
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