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Data Center Infrastructure
Management (DCIM)
How to Sell
Learning Objectives
● Explain what the market trends are
● Describe how to overcome objections
● Provide an overview of the different target buyers
● Outline the different DCIM competitors
Schneider Electric
Market Trends
Market Trends
Increasing complexity due to
higher densities and the mix of
new/old technology
Volume growth is in High-end L/XL
enterprises in mature markets
Regularory Compliance in mature
Balance of power shift towards
China dictates move to localize offer
Co-Location segment maintains
strong growth
Virtualization enables Cloud for
most businesses
Rising energy prices continuously
drive towards green & efficiency
Security concern both in cyber
terrorism and physical security
Certainty it will happen
Schneider Electric
Potential degree of impact
Major uncertainties
What’s being said about DCIM…
”Inhibitors to DCIM adoption are cost,
functionality issues, the difficulty of
creating and maintaining asset
databases, and commitment to simple
in-house tools”
The 451 Group, Tier1Research, 2011
“Widespread belief among data center
operators that it is possible to manage
data centers without physical
infrastructure management tools.”
APC By Schneider Electric, White Paper 107, 2011
“DCIM market is estimated to be worth
$240m in 2011, growing to $1.2 bn in
The 451 Group, Tier1 Research, 2011
“Data Center Infrastructure
Management (DCIM) is truly one of the
only areas, where facilities and IT meet
to think about the business’ backbone
in a tactical and strategic manner.”
IDC, 2010
“Energy savings from well-managed
data centers can reduce operating
expenses by as much as 20%.”
Gartner Research, 2010
Schneider Electric
Overcoming Objections
Main benefits of DCIM
How DCIM can help
Managers over-provision for power and cooling.
Accurate modeling or
monitoring reduces waste.
Managers aren’t always sure where to place servers.
Software identifies optimal
placing of servers.
Managers can’t account for energy use, or map energy
or carbon use against servers, services and workload.
Measures and links utilization
and power use.
Managers don’t know how well they are doing;
performance metrics are inaccurate or difficult.
Can create instant metrics.
Managers don’t always know what all power-drawing
devices are doing – if anything.
Identifies all power-drawing
devices and monitors behavior.
Hotspots and other problems detected late,
or by staff in aisles.
Potential problems identified
before they occur.
Main benefits of DCIM
How DCIM can help
Managers can’t see solutions to problems in spite
of wealth of data. Often uncertain about best
Key data available in one
integrated application.
Available power, space and cooling are unused,
despite shortage where it’s needed.
(‘Stranded capacity’)
Mismatches in availability and
demand of power, space and cooling
are identified.
Raising of temperature set points, use of free air
and other energy-saving innovations deemed risky.
Changing environmental and energy
use quickly picked up and acted on.
Managers don’t know how well they are doing;
performance metrics are inaccurate or difficult.
Detailed reports of power use/carbon
and cost available to executives.
Executive and legal requests for power, carbon
and efficiency data cannot be met easily.
Software can map powerconsumption patterns against ideal or
normal patterns and spot anomalies.
From Problem To Solution Mapping
…is a priority because of ….
Wasted Rack
Missed market opportunities,
revised customer loyalties, and
even failed companies.
Leads to inefficiencies
and capacity constraints.
Value Proposition
Enables proactive simulation of
changes to data center infrastructure.
Provides alarming to notify appropriate
personnel of critical issues.
Assures the optimal placement of
assets within the rack.
Delayed Server
Operationally inefficient and
missed expectation
Assures that your physical infrastructure
provides the redundancy, backup time
and availability required.
Wasted Energy
The need to control operational
Provides your current & historical PUE,
as well as energy & cost analysis of your
Lost Man Hours
Controlling energy costs at
facility level
Enables the capturing of the root cause
of a problem and identification of the IT
Operating Outside
of Design
Inadvertent downtime
Single view of current status and
alarming capability of critical issues
Differentiating Us From Competition
Make informed decisions
An intelligent model combined with
live data provides a holistic view on
data center operations, guides in
optimal location of new equipment
and details the impact of any
planned changes.
Market Leader
Recognized by analysts as market
leader, providing the most
comprehensive package of DCIM
software from asset and capacity
management to business
Dedicated Service Team
The Certified Engineers have completed a
rigorous training program and extensive
testing process to ensure your solution is
configured according to manufacturer
Built on Shared Knowledge
Schneider Electric designs and
manufactures physical infrastructure
equipment so all software is built on the
shared knowledge within the
Standard Products
We Listen to our Customers
StruxureWare for Data Centers is a
suite of standard products that can be
deployed with minimal service efforts,
making upgrades hassle-free while
ensuring highest level of quality.
In Schneider Electric we always strive
to deliver the best operating software for
data center customers, and take
customers issues into considering when
planning the next release
Who Is The Target Buyer/Stakeholder?
Facility Manager
47 years old
● Fulfil SLA on continuous operation of
data center
Key Concerns
● Data Center Health
● Available Power, Cooling, Space
● Optimise Running of Data Center
●Availability and uninterrupted service
Information Sources
● Web, technical eMagazines,
Key Partners/ Influencers
● IT Department
● Facilities Department
● Physical Infrastructure Vendors
● Industry Peers
IT Manager
40 years old
48 years old
● Availability of Network Hardware,
Servers, Networking Equipment, and
Storage Devices
● Management of the Entire Company
● Financially accountable to the Board
Key Concerns
● Integrity and availability of Information
● Where to install next piece or rackmount equipment
● Disaster recovery & Security
Information Sources
● Web, IT Magazines, IT Conferences
Key Partners and Influencers
● Data Center Operations
● Industry Peers
Key Concerns
● Cost of Running a Data Center
● Efficiency and Uptime to Service the
●Financial considerations
Information Sources
● Business Magasines/ Business
Key Partners and Influencers
● Peers
● IT Department
● Data Center Operations
Target Buyer – Facility Manager
Looking to Optimize the Current
Capacities of the Data Center?
Need Answers to Questions Like?
What keeps Eric up at night?
• Planning to modify or add to the
installed physical layer of the Data
• Checking the Health of the Data Center
• Optimization of the Cost of Running the
Data Center
• Human Error/Resources
• Physical Threat
• What is my cooling demand/power
• What is the actual capacity of the data
• What will happen if I move equipment?
• How many racks are in my data center
and where are they?
• What is my data center efficiency? And
in PUE?
• When am I going to run out of capacity
• What are my physical infrastructure
trends over time?
• How does virtualization impact the
operation of my data center?
Exposing the Pain of the Facility Manager
How do you locate
in your data center?
How do you determine
where you have power/
cooling capacity to deploy
the next server?
How do you keep track
of current capacity and
forecast future needs?
Do you have skilled
resources with the
bandwidth to configure the
data center management
Would you like to be able to
monitor your entire physical
infrastructure, Including 3rd
party devices?
Have you ever had an
unplanned down time
Sales Consultant
Facility Manager
I’ve got
for you
How do you know where
equipment is located and
what applications it runs?
Do you tell “IT”
about the new power
How are you notified of
problems in your data
center before they
become critical?
How do you know how
efficient your data
center is, down to the server
and CPU-level?
Need to Value Map For
The Facility Manager
What’s the real-time status of my data
center today?
New technology is making computing
environments more dynamic, understanding the
demand and supply side of power, cooling and
space in a physical infrastructure environment is
more crucial than ever before.
How are you notified when there is an event in
your data center?
StruxureWare Data Center Operation provides
immediate locations based notification when an
event occurs in your physical infrastructure. The
Schneider Certified Engineer will establish alarm
notification according to your preference.
Knowing the current status of your data center
ensures the availability of your physical
Why a
Priority ?
=S= Solution
Do I have enough power and cooling to
deploy the next blade server without
impacting existing equipment?
Could violate capacity limits. The higher the
density of your data center, the more important it
is to know the effect each physical change will
have on power/cooling.
What is the process when you need to add
equipment to the data center? Has a cooling,
power, or space issue occurred lately?
Data Center Operation: Capacity demonstrates
the impact of planned changes and provides an
optimal location recommendation. Our services
ensure you have the data to make educated
Reduce unplanned downtime caused by
overloaded physical infrastructure through
informed decision making. Assurance that
physical infrastructure provides redundancy,
backup time, and availability required.
Target Buyer – IT Manager
Looking for Guidance on Where to
Install the Next Rack-Mount
Equipment in their Data Center
without Violating Capacity Limits
(i.e., Power, Cooling, Space, etc.)
Need Answers to Questions
What Keeps Jeff Up at Night?
• Availability of physical infrastructure to
support servers and other IT hardware to
meet the business needs
• Power, cooling, and space
• Redundancy
• Human Error/Skilled Resources
•Will this new server impact my SLA or
capacity plan?
•Will I cause downtime if I move this piece of
•What is the power draw on this piece of
•What is the available kW power at the rack
•Which of my servers run Windows 2003,
service pack 2?
•Have I maintained my planned redundancy?
•Do I need to spread out my blade servers to
ensure reliable operation?
Exposing the Pain of the
IT and Operations Manager
How do you forecast
workload and future
investment to Sr. Mgt.?
How do you keep track
of remaining capacity
forecast future needs?
How do you know which
servers run Windows
2003, service pack 2?
Do you know what IT
assets you have and
how much capacity they
are running at?
How do you know the
impact of changes?
What do you do when
you need more servers
in your data center?
Sales Consultant
IT Manager
I’ve got
for you
Do you tell “facilities”
about the content of the
new servers?
Where do you store your
IT asset’s lifecycle
Do you have skilled
resources with the
bandwidth to configure the
data center management
How is your data center
set up to handle
virtualization and cloud
based technology?
Need To Value Map For The IT Manager
“When unplanned downtime causes loss of business due
to unexpected cooling needs…would it help if you had the
ability to predict the expected life of the data center based
on growth trends of power, cooling, and space?”
The availability of the physical infrastructure.
Why a Priority ?
Downtime in critical systems results in missed market opportunities, revised customer loyalties,
and even failed companies.
Have you ever had an unplanned downtime event?
=S= Solution
StruxureWare Data Center Operation provides real-time updates on the current health and status
of the data center. Data Center Operation: Capacity enables planning by taking the data center as
it currently stands, simulate the effect of alternative future growth and highlight the potential impact
on power, space, and cooling. Our certified engineers will configure your solution to free up IT staff
to attend to their day to day data center management activities.
Value Proposition
Assurance that your physical infrastructure provides the redundancy, backup time, and availability
required now and in the future.
Target Buyer—CFO/CIO
Looking for Financial Impact
and How to Reduce
Unplanned Downtime
Need to answer questions like…
What keeps Chris up at night?
•Expected life of the data center
•ROI of the data center?
•Uninterupted Service delivery
• Have we met our regulatory
• What is the cost of running a data
• What is the expected life of the data
• How do you measure your data center’s
• How do you know if an energy efficiency
initiative succeeded?
• How do you currently negotiate power
supply contracts with utilities?
Keeping Customers Happy
Software Support Contracts and Hardware Warranties
Why sell Software Support Contracts?
Complete support for the entire product operational life
Mandatory for any technical support
Mandatory for any software version upgrades (which are free)
Industry standard for any software purchases – customers expect to have ongoing support
24x7 toll-free assistance for EMEA and U.S.
8x5 support for LAM, APJ and GCN
Tracks service registration along with the service expiration date
Peace of mind
Add-on sales opportunity
What do I sell?
● Support for the 25 base nodes received free with each StruxureWare Expert
● Support for all additional license keys purchased
● Hardware warranties for new servers and any that have fallen out of warranty (optional)
Keeping Customers Happy
Software Service
Why sell Software Services?
Schneider-Electric Certified Engineers
Deep technical skills and manufacturer best practices
Minimize risks
Leverage your software management solution as quickly as possible.
Peace of mind
Add-on sales opportunity
Optimized solution through industry best practices
Using Schneider-Electric Global Services ensure customer IT resources are available to handle their
day to day needs.
What do I sell? Schneider-Electric offers Standard , Pick to Order , and Customized services to
implement the complete data center management solution.
Handling Questions
• I have a non-Schneider data center; can I still use the
StruxureWare for Data Centers Software solution?
•Yes, the portfolio supports multi-vendor equipment.
• Can your software manage cooling capacity for perimeter
•Yes, the portfolio supports any type of cooling equipment from any
• Can StruxureWare Data Center Operation run without
StruxureWare Expert?
•Yes, however, we do recommend running StruxureWare Expert for
monitoring purposes.
• Must I have a maintenance contract for both StruxureWare
Expert and StruxureWare Data Center Operation for year one?
•Yes, our goal is customer satisfaction and we believe access to new
features and bug fixes is necessary to achieve this goal.
• I don’t want to set up the system; can Schneider Electric or a
partner do this for me?
•Yes, there are various service installation and configuration offerings from
which to choose.
• What are the requirements for installing StruxureWare Data
Center Operation?
• For 7.0 and onwards you must purchase a new server in order to run
StruxureWare Data Center Operation.
The Opportunity
Market status and outlook 2012
Volume growth is in
High-end L/XL
enterprises in mature
DCIM market
DCIM market growth and size
2012: $332M with 34% growth*
(IDC, 451-group, =S=)
DCIM category
is growing in
popularity and
New economies
continue to show
growth potential but
from low volumes
category - still
clear definition
60+ start-ups
and DCIM
of DCIM technology
challenges start-ups
who are on the verge
of bankrupcy leading
to innovations up for
Challenge to raise money (VC)
• Finance
• Co-los
• Government
• Health care
New entrants
● Trellis will be
delayed again or
reduced scope
● Framework
positioning good
for us
● Close to Oracle?
● High burn rate –
running out of
● Funding issue
( More VC, IPO,
pick-up by
Eaton, BMC)
● Will see them
more in
perhaps EMEA
● Picked up by
Visual Design
Sol. for $3.2M
● Struggle
Data Centers Become Larger
Extending our PAM to include L / X L market
● Adding the “46% share”
● Fortune-500 companies
● Customers with multiple sites
● Data centers with 800 racks or more
● Data centers with high redundancy and
availability needs
● Follow ISX (SME), Schneider (L/XL) and
software (ALL) opportunities
Hit where the opponent is weak
Avoid and disable opponent strengths
● Be Honest and Trustworthy
● Approach
● Learn all about the Business
● Know What Makes Your Customers Buy
● Identify the Weakness’ of Your Competitors
● Determine Your Vulnerable Spots
● Practice Your Closing Techniques
● Promote
● Keep Your Eyes on the Ball –Solving the Customer’s Problem
● Our Strengths
● Competitor Weakness’
● Avoid
● Falling into the ”Feature-to-Feature Ditch” – Drive the Customer in your Direction
● Technical derail
● Our Weakness’
● Comptitor Strengths
Competitive moves
Partial Product
New Entrants
Main threats
Data Center Life Cycle Solutions
(DCIM + Services)
& how to win
Modular, Scalable Approach
Ease of Implementation
(Certified Engineers)
Become a Trusted Advisor
Schneider Electric
1.Promote a DCIM
2.Highlight our
3.Ease of
4.Become the
trusted advisor
Developing an ROI
● Return On Investment (ROI)
● An attempt to cost options to work out cost/benefit in money terms of options
Assume Option A = Do Nothing
Option B = Our solution
● Must know or estimate this
● Remember to set a value to pains and make customer agree
● How does ROI compare to TCO (Total Cost of Ownership)?
● Find the pain points / Understand customer’s pain
● White board selling
● Ask open-ended questions
● Questioning to find the cost
● Resist pressure to present the solution / price before uncovering the cost of Option A “Do
● Customer will likely resist - They want to tell you the solution
● Avoid discounting
● If you have to discount, get something in return
Sales Tools
●DCIM Software Overview
●DCIM Software How to Sell
●StruxureWare Data Center Operation Product Overview
●StruxureWare Data Center Operation - Customer Facing
●StruxureWare Data Center Operation - Family Presentation
●StruxureWare for Data Centers Software Configuration Suite Statements of Work
●StruxureWare for Data Centers Software Configuration Suite - Quick Sales Reference Sheet
White Papers
●#107: Data Center Infrastructure Management Software Improves Planning and Cuts Operational Costs
●#150: Power and Cooling Capacity Management for Data Centers
●#66: Estimating a Data Center’s Electrical Carbon Footprint
Schneider Electric