Research and innovation company “Vicdog” Ltd.

"Research and innovation company “Vicdog” Ltd.
410028 Sobornaya Street, 10, office 4, Saratov, Russia
+7(905)3256347, e-mail:;
Project manager:
Surovtsova Irina
Candidate of Veterinary Sciences,
General director of “NIC “Vicdog” Ltd.
“Research and innovation company “Vicdog” Ltd.
+7(905)3256347, e-mail:
Ensuring the quality improvement of sanitary and epidemiological
situation in populated areas through developing the veterinary
culture of walking pets and providing professional
assistance to dog owners.
“Research and innovation company “Vicdog” Ltd.
+7(905)3256347, e-mail:
“NIC “Vicdog” Ltd. is an innovator
in Russian veterinary and
construction market, which has
about 75-85% free market share
for its product sales.
Strong position in the market of
veterinary services.
Highly qualified and experienced
personnel and research staff.
Convenience, high quality and
originality of products
 The absence of production base for
increasing the volume of production
 The risk of a lack of investment to
increase the output in case of
excessive demand
 The loss of substitutes’ market share
“Research and innovation company “Vicdog” Ltd.
+7(905)3256347, e-mail:
Staff characteristics
Currently there are 19 employees in “NIC “Vicdog”
The head of the company is Surovtsova Irina, born in 1977, a veterinarian,
candidate of Veterinary Sciences, has a 15-year working experience, was
on an internship in Germany in 1996-2000, received a diploma in the
program “Management personnel for the Russian national economy
training 2011-2012” (course of management), SSSEU , Saratov
Commercial Director Evseev Evgeniy, born in 1981, economist on the specialty
“finances and the credit”, a 10-year working experience. Diploma about the
additional education “The development of business-process in Saratov region”,
SSSEU, Saratov. Diploma about the additional education “Strategies of
administration on the Forex market".
Chief engineer for software and hardware tools and Web-design Anikin Vladimir,
born in 1973. An electrical engineer majoring in “Automatization and control of
technical systems”, graduated in 1996. Advanced training “Information and
communication technologies in culture: experience and prospects of the project,
“Russian museum” virtual branch” 2011.
“Research and innovation company “Vicdog” Ltd.
+7(905)3256347, e-mail:
We need
Provide services and equipment for the
construction of public sports and recreational facilities
with the sections for dog walking and temporary stay of
pets in populated localities.
Make cities cleaner and more beautiful!
One-time investments in the amount of 275-350
thousand dollars to create the capacities for massproduction.
Franchise partners in other cities or countries.
“Research and innovation company “Vicdog” Ltd.
+7(905)3256347, e-mail: