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Dave Graber

Vice President

Distribution Center

Portland, Oregon

Sales / Service / Warehouse

US Headquarters

Distribution Center

Irvington, New Jersey

Sales / Service / Warehouse

Distribution Center

Houston, Texas

Sales / Service / Warehouse

Distribution Center

Pembroke Pines, Florida

Sales / Service / Warehouse

History - Industry Awards - Certifications














Florida and Texas move to larger facilities

Florida Regional Distribution & Service Center Opens for Latin America

Touch Dynamic receives 6 consecutive BSM Channel Vendor award

RSPA Bronze Award Recipient “Outstanding Provider of Hardware”

Oregon and Texas move to larger facilities

RSPA Bronze Award Recipient “Outstanding Provider of Hardware”

10 Year Anniversary!

Oregon Regional Distribution & Service Center Opens

Texas Regional Distribution & Service Center Opens

Microsoft Direct Customer

ISO 9001:2008 Certification Completed

Joined the RSPA

Opened for Business in August, 2001

Presentation Topics


 Breeze

 Breeze 185

Breeze Performance

Acrobat (New 2014)

Universal Printer Base

 Terminal Performance Chart

Mobile POS

7”, DT-07 Android Tablet.

7” and 10” Quest Windows Tablet (Coming Nov)


(Why Windows Tablets)

 Saturn DV (New 2014)

Orion Performance

PC Performance Chart


Overnight Advance Replacement

Why Touch Dynamic



•15” or 17”, Elo Touch, Resistive (SAW option on 17”)

• 15” True Flat “Bezel less” Resistive or PCAP (LED LCD)

• CPU Choices :

 Dual Core Atom 1.86 (D2550 Fanless)

 Celeron Dual Core 1.86 Fanless*

 I3-1.8 Fanless*


4-Serial, 4-USB Standard, * 2-additional USB 3.0,

1-Parallel Port, 1-Gigabit LAN ( * Dual LAN Optional),

1-PS2 for KB

•Rackable Slide Out Motherboard

•Internal Cable & Power Brick Management

•Locking Power Connector

•Wall / VESA Mountable

• Options:

•Integrated 3 Track MSR, “Encrypted”

•Integrated Biometric/FP Reader

•Integrated Internal Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n

•Integrated Solid State Drive / CF

•Integrated Rear LCD, 8” / 12” / 15”

•Integrated Bar Code Scanner (Imager)

•Integrated Universal Printer Base w/ Integrated Thermal Printer

Breeze 185 All-In-One

18.5” Elo Touch (LED LCD)

Resistive or PCAP

CPU Choices :

Dual Core Atom 1.86 (D2550 Fanless)

Celeron 1.8 Fanless *

 I3-1.8 Fanless *


 4-Serial, 4-USB Standard, * 2-additional USB 3.0,

 1-Parallel Port, 1-Gigabit LAN ( * Dual LAN Optional ),

 1-PS2 for KB

“Bezel less”

Rackable Slide Out Motherboard

Internal Cable & Power Brick Management

Locking Power Connector

Wall / VESA Mountable


Integrated 3 Track MSR, “Encrypted”

Integrated Biometric/FP Reader

Integrated Internal Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n

Integrated Solid State Drive / CF

Integrated Rear LCD, 8” / 12” / 15”

Integrated Bar Code Scanner (Imager)

Integrated Webcam (PCAP Only)

Integrated Universal Printer Base w/ Integrated Thermal Printer

Applications: Browse & Run POS Application, More / Larger Buttons for POS, Digital Signage , ??

Breeze Performance All-In-One

Extreme Performance CPU’s i7 QC 3.4 Gig, i5 QC 3.1 Gig, i3 DC 3.3 Gig, Pentium DC 2.9 Gig and Celeron DC 2.5 Gig

 VPRO/AMT on i5 / i7

Powerful Desktop CPU, Competitive Price Point

Rackable Slide Out Motherboard for Easy Upgrades and Service

15” LCD with Two Touch Screen Options (LED LCD)

Elo Resistive Touch

Projected Capacitive Touch (PCAP)

Dual Gigabit LAN Ports

24V Printer Power Port


Up to 16 Gig DDR3 Ram

Dual Rackable Hard Drives with Raid 1/0

Integrated 3 Track MSR and Fingerprint Reader

Encrypted MSR

DVI and VGA Ports

2x20 VFD, 8” / 12” / 15” Rear LCD

Integrated Internal Wireless 802.11 a/b/g/n

Integrated Solid State Drive / CF

Integrated Bar Code Scanner (Imager)

Integrated Universal Printer Base w/ Integrated Thermal Printer

Acrobat All-In-One


Atom Dual Core 1.86 (D2550)

14.1″ widescreen


Sleek Design

Intel ® Celeron™ Quad core processor J1900 1.9Ghz

5 USB Ports 4 Serial Ports

Foldable stand for ergonomic small footprint

Wall mountable

(VESA 75x75mm)

Spill and dust resistant

Fanless and ventless

Optional wireless

Low power consumption

True Flat PCAP Touch


(higher is better)

Breeze TF

Intel® Atom™ D2550 processor @ 1.86Ghz DualCore 752

Intel® Celeron™ 1037u processor @ 1.8Ghz DualCore 1792

Intel® Core™ i3-3217u processor @ 1.8Ghz DualCore 2264

Breeze 185 All-in-one

Intel® Atom™ D2550 processor @ 1.86Ghz DualCore

Intel® Celeron™ 1037u processor @ 1.8Ghz DualCore

Intel® Core™ i3-3217u processor @ 1.8Ghz DualCore






Breeze Performance All-in-one



Intel® Celeron™ G540 processor @ 2.5Ghz DualCore

Intel® Pentium™ G850 processor @ 2.9Ghz DualCore

Intel® Core™ i3-2120 processor @ 3.3Ghz DualCore

Intel® Core™ i5-2400 processor @ 3.1Ghz QuadCore

Intel® Core™ i7-2600 processor @ 3.4Ghz QuadCore

Pulse All-in-one

Intel® Atom™ D2550 processor @ 1.86Ghz DualCore




Saturn All-in-one

Intel® Atom™ D525 processor @ 1.8Ghz DualCore 726

Acrobat All-in-one

Intel® Atom™ D2550 processor @ 1.86Ghz DualCore































Universal Printer Base

Feature Benefit

Universal Mount Allows ANY / ALL Touch Dynamic terminals to be mounted

Terminal/Base/Printer ship in same box Great for Drop Shipping. remove from box, one power plug to the wall and you are up and running

Houses Printer in Center of base

Recessed Printer

Cast Aluminum Base

Eliminates the extra 6-8 inches required on either side of the terminal creating more sell space for the retailer

Printer sits behind the display so nothing will drip or fall off of display into print mechanism, Front Feed, Front Paper Load, Easy replacement.

Heavier for stability, will also help dissipate any heat generated by P/S

Cable Management

Out of the box Printer

Multiple Printer Choices

Multiple Printer Interfaces

Base hides all cabling & power supply

Not a special order/special stock Mechanism

Epson T70II or Touch Dynamic T25 front feed, thermal printers to choose from

Choose from USB / Serial / Parallel / LAN

Saturn DV (NEW 2014)

Intel Celeron Processor J1900 2.0Ghz

2 Gig DDR3 Ram, Upgradable to 4Gig


3-RS232 (2x +5/+12v), 4 USB 2.0 and 1 USB 3.0, 1-PS2-KB, Line Out,

1-Gigabit LAN, 320 Gig SATA Hard Drive, 1-VGA, 1-Parallel Port

Sealed Case

Low power consumption

Small Form Factor (8.7” x 5.4” x 1.8”)

VESA/Wall Mountable

Wi-Fi (Option)

Solid State Drive (Option)

Orion Performance / Server

CPU Choices:

 Intel 2.5GHz Dual Core

I3-3.3GHz Dual Core

I5-3.1GHz Quad Core

 I7-3.4GHz Quad Core

RAID 1/0 On Motherboard

6-Serial, 6-USB (up to 12 USB),

1-Gigabit LAN, 1-VGA, 1-Parallel

Port,12V & 24V DC Out, 1-PS2 Port,

2-PCI Slots

Powered USB Ports (Option)


DVI / Com6 (Option)

Solid State Drive(s) (Option)

230 Watt Power Supply

Serviceable / Modular components http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oU



POS Trends – Mobile POS

The Most Significant Trend: Paying at the Table

On a busy Saturday night, servers can run three or four deep at each POS terminal waiting to place orders and process payments. Mobile POS systems allow servers to accept, process, and present payments to customers at each table in the restaurant. They no longer have to wait to use a POS terminal and they save time by not having to walk all over the restaurant. Moreover, paying at the table ensures customers that their credit cards never leave the table. Restaurants that utilize mobile POS systems report their servers spend more time doing what is most important: providing impeccably timed service and selling more menu items.

Quest Tablet (NEW 2014)

• Intel Quad Core BayTrail-T processor for ultra-low power consumption

• 7” or 10” Projective Capacitive Touch Screen

• Enhanced Wireless Connectivity with 2.4/5Ghz wireless N

• Ruggedized design conforming to IP54 rating and 4ft drop specification

• Full Windows 8 Support

• Built-in IDtech MSR, NFC, 2D Barcode Scanner and

Built-in Smart Card Reader

Advantages to Windows Tablet


Extensive Desktop application support.

Multi-Windowing. Ability to run touch screen apps and desktop apps side by side.

Multi-User support.

Native remote desktop support including advanced configuration options.

Ability to change resolution and additional display settings to suite application.

Integration with existing Microsoft infrastructure (Active Directory).

Long term support for PCI Compliance.

Ability to lock down and secure system without 3rd party applications.

Hypervisor, VM support.


Faster hardware, CPU and additional memory to support resource heavy applications.

More I/O ports. Windows tablets include standard USB ports, MicroSD cards, and display ports.

No expensive propriety adapters or cables required.

Multiple form factors (7", 10", thin and light, rugged, etc.)

Reasons to Use a Ruggedized

Windows Tablet

Replaceable battery

Being able to install a full software from a USB (no Appstore required)

Being able to use a Software’s Native App. Allowing software developers to be less concerned with having different drivers, or stripping down their software to be able to work on different applications.

Easy Expandability using Micro SD

Extra Ports

Rugged Drop Resistant Designs

Integrated Peripherals, Scanners, MSR

Easier Access to files within the internal storage

Manufactures who release tablets will stand behind their products. Offering extended warranties, No fault warranties

DT07 Tablet (NEW 2014)

Cortex A5 1.2GHz Quad Core Processor

Android 4.1.2

Ruggedized design conforming to IP54 rating and 4ft drop specification

Light Weight/Small Form Factor

Intelligent cradle charging system, Battery charging time to 70%: 1.5 hours

Unique Power Saving Technology that provides 6 Hour battery Life

(Standby time - 100 hours)

Scanning is available on the Rear camera 5MP with LED flash

Admin/User mode

Removable 4960mAh Lithium smart battery

Add on MSR module (optional)

Fingerprint module

POS Printers

Thermal Printer Epson T20 Series

250mm / sec

Epson Reliability

Interface: USB, Serial, (cables included) Ethernet

Wall Mountable out of the box

 Bundled Pricing when purchasing a Touch Dynamic AIO

Thermal Printer Epson T70II Series

 230mm / Sec

 Epson Emulation

Designed to be used with our Printer base solutions

Interfaces: USB, Serial, Parallel, Ethernet or Wireless

Interfaces Front-facing controls, paper loading and receipt dispensing

Impact Printer

Clamshell design for easy paper loading

 Internal Power Supply

 Interfaces: Serial, Parallel, USB, Ethernet

Wall Mountable

External Buzzer option

Star / Epson Compatible

 Multi Color Printing Red/Black

Rear Displays

Peripherals / Options

 Internal Wireless available on




PC’s, 802.11 a/b/g/n

 Customer Displays: 2x20 Integrated VFD,

2x20 VFD Pole, 8”,12”, 15” Rear LCD

 Wall / VESA Mounting ALL Terminals & Some PC’s

 Digital Persona Biometric available on All-InOne’s

 Internal RAID on select Terminals and PC’s


Solid State Drives (SSD) for all terminals and


Depot Warranty and

Overnight Advance Replacement

Depot Warranty

60 Day

DOA Policy

Up to 3 Years

on all Terminals, Printers, PC’s &


Optional Overnight Advance Replacement

 Nationwide (US Only)

Next Day

replacement available on all products, up to 3 years

with or without

On Site Technician - Tekserve.

Value Add Services

 Free HD Imaging (any quantity / any product)

 Will Call / Pick Up all 4 locations (NJ / FL / TX / OR)

Drop Shipments to Resellers & End Users

Custom Branding / Logo’s (Optional)

 Regional Shipping locations (NJ / FL / TX / OR)

 Regional Service and Support locations (NJ / FL / TX / OR)

 Customizable Service Programs

 Customized Marketing Materials

 Build to order/Customized configurations

 Need something special?......Ask us!

Why Touch Dynamic?

We’re easy to do business with!

Seasoned / Professional Sales Team, helping close deals across the US

Sales & Opportunity Driven, decisions on opportunities/pricing/delivery come fast!

Founded in August, 2001 Touch Dynamic, is a privately held , Nationally Recognized, US

Manufacturer of All-In-One Touch Terminals and Computers

We are based in our own ISO 9001:2008 , 20,000+ sq ft facility in Irvington, NJ

Multiple Warehouses & Service Centers strategically placed across the US located in

NJ / FL / TX / OR

The broadest product line of any POS System Manufacturer in the US

Extremely reliable product line, all products designed, integrated, QC’d, and serviced in the US

Full line of All-In-One Touch Terminals ( 8”/10”/12”/15”/17”/18.5”/19” ), PC Servers and related


We STOCK what we sell in ALL LOCATIONS

Overnight Advance Replacement Program available on ALL items

Other features / Options:

Wall Mounting * Integrated Biometrics * Integrated MSR * Integrated Rear Displays *

* Internal Wi-Fi * RAID * Integrated Bar Code Scanners * Easy Port Access * CDROM

* 24v/12v/5v POWERED USB * Rackable Motherboards * Encrypted MSR * Solid State

Drives * Compact Flash Drives * Custom Logos * Dual LAN Ports *

We do business different than the rest!