Hi-pro - Hearing Aid

Training Course
——Marketing Dept
Front view of digital Hearing Aid Programmer USB
Rear view of digital Hearing Aid Programmer USB
Connect to the PC by supplied USB (Universal Serial Bus) cable,
there will be an interface of “Found New hardware Wizard”.
Place the installation CD in the CD drive.
Select “install the software accords to list or pre-positioned place” on the
dialog box ,click “Next”.
Select “Include this location in the search ”, Browse the folder.
Click “next”, the installation will start automatically. (Note: There will be a
dialog box when start installing automatically, please select ‘YES’ to
confirm it. You need to install the drive twice.
Now there will be a progress indicator frame as the following picture.
Click “Finish ”, the USB-HIPRO is installed successfully.
1、Connecting the USB-HIPRO to the PC
Go into ‘my computer’ on the
computer desktop.
Right click“My Computer”,
then select "properties" .
Select the hardware dialog
box, click ‘Device Manager’.
Change COM3 to COM1 of USB
Click “properties”
Click “Port Settings”
Click “Advanced”
Change to “COM1”
Click “OK”
2、HIPRO Test
Click “Test”
HIPRO Test is OK
Thank you !