Pray – November 2014
Pray – November 2014
Please pray for Mafe and the new project “EVANGELISM SOCCER” which she
is organizing in São José dos Campos city. We thank God for the sports
material she’s already got and please pray for each child and their families
who will come to hear the Gospel.
Pray – November 2014
Please pray for the health of our missionaries. Pray for the orphanage in
Bolivia’ team, base team and the Evangelism Soccer team. We need health
and wisdom for each decision we make, each act toward the children we
reach and take care of, and for each activity we develop.
Pray – November 2014
Please pray for Pedro and Javier who are boys living in the orphanage in
Bolivia. Pray that they keep growing in grace, wisdom and knowledge of
God. Please pray for their teen years, for them to overcome their fears,
have hope in the future and be brave enough to live the Gospel among their
Besides praying
His prayer is important and its offerings keeps the
orphanage running. DONATE for Bolivian children!