Key Stage 1 - Benson School Home

Key Stage 1
Information for Parents
Autumn 2013-Year 1 Willow
Every day your child needs to bring;
• School book bag with reading record book
and reading book
• Money (termly/weekly) handed to myself
or Mrs Huntly/Mrs Jarman
• Sun hat (To be left in school)
• Wellington boots (To be left in school)
• Named PE kit for PE on Tuesday and Fridays.
• Toys-Children can bring in toys but they must
be able to fit in their drawer and not be
• Play based
• Very similar to
• As the terms
progress this will be
limited and the
children will begin to
work more formally.
Early Work
• Children should come into school and start
their Early Work at 8:40am.
• At present, we are happy for you to come in
and settle your child in the morning. By Term
2 we encourage independence and children
are to be dropped off at the cloakroom.
• Register will be taken at 8.50am
• Daily Numeracy lessons.
• Children will be grouped for daily
numeracy lessons.
• The teaching groups will not remain
• Maths challenges to extend learning.
• Children will get Maths homework.
Literacy includes speaking, listening, reading and writing.
.Daily Literacy lesson
Children are grouped for Literacy lessons. Not fixed
Fun- Lots of speaking and listening activities, Drama Role
play, Hot seating.
• Children will get Literacy homework in the form of
Talk to Write.
• Linked with Phonics
- This is how we teach children to read and
write. Phonics focuses on securing word
recognition skills as these are essential for
children to read and spell words accurately.
- Daily Phonics sessions
- Letters and Sounds scheme
- Word list (spellings) will be sent home at an
appropriate level for your child.
- There will be a Phonics test in June.
• Your child will have spelling homework linked
with the Phonic work they have been doing
that week.
• The homework will be given out on a Friday
and is to be completed by Monday.
• Friday: Children bring home a spelling pattern
(diagraph, trigraph). They then find 3-6 words
with that pattern in it ready for Monday.
Look/Say/Cover/Write/Check practise at
Friday: Spelling Test
*All children will generally be heard individually once a
week by an adult.
*Books will be changed either on a Monday and a
Wednesday or a Tuesday and a Thursday.
*However if you would like to have their book changed
sooner than this then please let us know, as we would be
more than happy to do this.
*Children will read in a group on a regular basis in Guided
*Access to the library
*Sparkle,The Reading Bug.
*Creative curriculum
*Not all subjects are always connected e.g P.E, PSHE, R.E,
*Connections are not forced but used to enhance
learning. Children to make links between subjects and
see how they relate to real life situations.
*We are happy for and would encourage the children to
bring in related books or resources for the topics,
however, please do ensure that they are named so that
we can return them at the end of the topic.
*Our first Topic is ‘Beegu lands in Year 1’.
• Will be staggered.
• Literacy homework- ‘Talk to write’ will be set
on a Friday and will be due in on Monday.
• Spelling homework will also be given out on a
Friday and is due in on a Monday.
• Maths homework-Monday and will be due back
in on a Friday.
• There will be a homework tray for the
children to put their work in.
• During Term 6 children will be set specific
Topic homework task in preparation for Year
Monday: we have a whole school assembly
Tuesday: we have a singing assembly
Wednesday: whole school assembly
Thursday: KS1 assembly
Friday: Care and share assembly every other
week which celebrates children's work and
achievements in and out of school.
• In term 6 our class will have a class assembly
where the children will share what they have
done in a particular topic, you will be welcome
to join us for these assemblies (2:45)
How you can help us
• Readers (2.15-3.10pm) Sign up sheet.
• Special skills to share that relate to any
• Gardening.
• Check Website for regular updated
• Whiteboard outside the classroom.
Question Time!