Nicholas Sparks by Ayah

Nicholas Sparks
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By: Ayah
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Background Information
Nicholas Sparks was born in Omaha, Nebraska on
December 31, 1965.
Nicholas is an author that now lives in North Carolina
with his wife Catherine and his family.
As a child Nicholas Sparks lived in Minnesota, Los Fair
Oaks California at the age of eight. Also his father was a
professor and his mother was a homemaker.
Did you know Nicholas and his wife founded a Epiphany
high school.
As their kids came to elementary school they started
building a school for them when they were little.
Nicholas has gotten a full track
scholarship to the University of Notre
Dame and majored in Business finance
and graduated in high honors before.
One time Nicholas Sparks wrote a
book that got about $80 million
worldwide sales and were translated
into 45 different languages.
Nicholas has written more than 12
books!! :)
One of his books he wrote with his
brother Michael Earl Sparks.
Now Nicholas lives in North Carolina
with his wife and family.
His newest book The Best of Me was
released in October 20011.
To me, Nicholas has done a lot of
great things like write books and build
I think Nicholas’s life is very interesting.
What about you?
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