The story of Saint Nicholas Pauline o`shea

The story of Saint Nicholas
by Pauline O’ Shea
Early life
St. Nicholas was born in 271 AD and died
around December 6, 342 or 343 AD near
the Asia Minor (Turkey) town of Myra,.
where he later became Bishop.
His life
• He performed many
good deeds and was
a friend to the poor
and helpless, and
upon his death,
myths soon sprang
up about him all
around the
Mediterranean Sea.
His tomb in Bari in Italy
• He was soon named as
the patron saint of
sailors, and when
Myra was overthrown,
his bones were
transported by sailors
to Bari, a port in Italy,
where a tomb was
built over the grave
and became the
centre of honour for
St. Nicholas.
Down the
• The reason today's Santa
Claus drops gifts down
chimneys is because Saint
Nicholas did this. More
than a thousand years ago
Saint Nicholas gave people
gifts in secret. Those who
received his gifts never
knew his identity. Saint
Nicholas was a shy,
humble, loving person. He
didn't want to be praised
for his generosity
St. Nicholas
• Saint Nicholas Day is
usually on the 6th of
December. It is a festival for
children in many European
countries. The American
Santa Claus, and the
Canadian and British
‘Father Christmas’ comes
form the legends about St.
• ‘Santa Claus’ comes from
the Dutch sinterklaas
St. Nicholas
and Ireland
• According to local
Irish legend, Saint
Nicholas is buried in
County Kilkenny.
The grave is said to
be in the ruined
Church of St
Nicholas. The
church is all that
remains of the
medieval village,
Newtown Jerpoint.
How did St.
Nicholas get to
• The tale tells of a band
of Irish-Norman
knights from Jerpoint,
travelling to the Holy
Land to take part in
the Crusades. As
they headed home to
Ireland, they seized St
Nicholas' remains,
bringing them back to
Kilkenny, where the
bones were buried.