Pre-Event Form - Nicholas Webb

Let's face it, we've all had the experience of sitting in a meeting room and listening
to a speaker delivers some canned speech. The speech had no relevance to our
organization and industry. For meeting attendees, time is money and they expect to
achieve a return on their time investment by gaining insights that speak specifically
to the uniqueness of their organization and industry. Our three-step process is
designed to gain the necessary insights necessary to prepare a talk that is engaging,
educational and most importantly relevant to your audience.
Step One- Pre-event Questionnaire
The first step in our three-step process is for you to complete this simple form so
that we can do the necessary research to move on to step two. In step two we will
develop a wireframe of the talk to review with you to make certain that we've
addressed all of the strategies of your event. Once you approve the wireframe we
build out the complete talk with all of its graphic elements for one final review and
Step Two - The Wireframe
Once the wireframe is complete, Nicholas reviews it in detail to compare the content
of the talk with his research and the stated strategic goals of the meeting planner.
This gives the client an opportunity to make any course correction and to provide
additional insights to help take the talk to the next level. This is a fun and iterative
process that results in a co-creation that delivers the perfect talk every time.
Sample Wireframe
The challenge
"Hacking Healthcare"
Our current healthcare system must be destroyed
and reinvented to accommodate the key
disruptors of chronic disease, an aging
population and gratuitous utilization
70% of healthcare cost is driven by
self-inflicted chronic disease
The "silver tsunami" Will drive
unprecedented levels of increased
The method
The opportunity
Innovators will socialize and use
game mechanics in order to reduce
cost, increase clinical efficacy while
improving the patient experience
Only the
Innovators will
Gratuitous access will be curbed
through new punitive measures
The good news sendoff
The decentralization of healthcare will cut
clinical visits in half. One third of all
hospitals will be bankrupt by 2020 (the live
health example)
Innovators, hackers and breakers are destroying outdated
clinical models that don't work in favor of new models
that will significantly improve the quality of care while
concurrently reducing cost
Socialize communities such as patients like me
will drive disease specific collaboration
leveraging community socialization
The best organizations in the world
have adopted future casting as an
enterprise strategy
Patients and innovators will create a wide range
of low-cost technologies through the emergence
of consumer 3-D printers
They are leaning into the disruptive marketplace to
create new technologies and services that are
relevant to the emerging market
Medical devices will become part
of the MaaS manufacturing
on-demand movement
The replicators and organizations that
practice incremental innovation will be
displaced by the hackers
Wearable technologies will anticipate
costly medical events to save lives
and reduce cost of care
This is the most exciting time in the last 100
years in healthcare to provide improved
quality of care while making healthcare
accessible to the masses
Wearable technologies leveraging game
mechanics and socialization will reduce
lifestyle onset chronic disease
Interactive workshop
Option I Marshmallow
launcher or tallest
vehicle innovation
Option II Cleveland clinic
ideation session
and platform
Option III - Kaiser specific
challenge, ideation session
and shark tank review
Step Three - Final graphic elements and value add
During this important and final step Nicholas builds a storyline around the
wireframe in order to make the content fun and engaging. Poorly skilled speakers
will often use bullet points, but not Nicholas. The final presentation deck is
comprised of beautiful images and graphic elements that simply support his well
rehearsed and powerfully delivered talk.
Please complete the information below so we can begin the process of building out
your wireframe and ultimately a talk that will delight your audience.
1. What is the name and size of your event?
2. What are the three main strategies of this meeting or event?
3. What are the three main job titles of attendees?
4. Would you consider the theme to be educational, motivational or
5. What are the biggest fears and the biggest opportunity that the audience sees
in your industry today?
6. What does your audience want to learn or experience from this talk?
7. What did you like/hate from previous speakers?
8. How would you describe a successful talk for your audience?
9. What don't you want Nicholas to say or do?
All presentations are uploaded to a BOX FTP site and provided to the meeting
planner prior to the event. All of our talks are built out using Mac computers and
sometimes there are compatibility issues. Please verify that all graphic elements are
working prior to the day of the event so that any incompatibility issues can be
resolved before the scheduled event.
Some things to consider ensuring the success of your meeting or event:
Introducing Nicholas
Your meeting moderator or MC should read through the speaker's bio prior to
introducing Nicholas this will prevent stumbling through the introduction as this
can weaken the impact of the introduction. Ideally the introduction should have
energy and enthusiasm as this really sets the stage for the talk. Often times it's
useful to write your own introduction to make sure that it fits the theme and style of
your event.
Avoiding audiovisual mishaps
Nicholas always arrives at the event in plenty of time to review the deck and to be
fitted for and test audio equipment. In order to avoid problems please ensure that
your audio/visual team has reviewed the presentation on the computer that will be
used during the event. This eliminates having any problem the day of the event.
Preferred set up for the presentation
Nicholas prefers not to use a lectern. Ideally he prefers a livelier microphone, a
confidence monitor and digital timer.
Mixing it up
When possible it's great for Nicholas to get a chance to visit with attendees at the
event prior to his talk. It also helps for him to watch the speakers prior to his talk to
get a feel for the rhythm and theme of the event.
Videotaping, audio recording and public availability of the deck
Please note that written permission is required to videotape, audio record or to use
the deck in any way beyond presenting to your audience. Please do not distribute
the PowerPoint presentation and do not present it in any public or digital form. For
more information about intellectual property rights please contact Michelle Lynn.
We are compulsive about happy clients
Most professional speakers do not provide pre-event consultation or a multiprocess talk build-out. We do this because we want you to be extremely happy with
what we deliver to you and your audience. Please take advantage of this unique
service so we can delight you with an amazing presentation.
Other important things to consider
All speaker fees are based on a one-night stay. Some meetings however that occur in
the afternoon on the East Coast may require a second night stay at an additional